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In Memoriam: Peet Heuberger loved cars, sailing, opera

Peet Hans Heuberger


FFRF Life Member Peet Hans Heuberger died on April 28 at his home in Colorado Springs. Born on Nov. 23, 1933, in Bern, Switzerland, Peet lived in Switzerland until 1956, when he immigrated to the United States. He made his way across the United States, landing in Denver. He started work at Mountain States Volkswagen where he met his eventual wife, Carolyn. They eloped in 1957 and were married for 60 years.

Gary King of FFRF’s Colorado Springs chapter writes: “He was also instrumental in the forming of FFRF’s oldest extant chapter, as well as a willingness to pull out his checkbook whenever we needed funding. Pete would stay out of the spotlight and he and I would meet, usually at a little German place, for a pastry and his encouragement. He, along with John Murphy, Jeff Lucas and Jackie Marques, tried to keep this FFRF chapter stable, and Pete always insisted this chapter remain legit and avoid promoting individuals’ businesses and control.” 

As a young man, Peet loved cars and racing in Europe. His racing career gave him a knowledge of cars and repairs that led to his success in the automotive industry. He worked for his father-in-law, Will McConnell, until 1970, when he was able to open his own Volkswagen dealership in Colorado Springs. He opened the Subaru franchise in 1975, and from there he built a family dealership, which continues to this day as a family business. He was always proud of his employees and valued all the customers he served.

Peet was an accomplished sailor. He loved to sail and spent as much time as he could taking his friends sailing. He sailed his whole life and loved the adventure of it. Peet also loved the opera and, as a boy, went to the theater with his parents and enjoyed listening to opera as often as he could.

Peet was a generous and kind man, always willing to work hard and give to others. He and Carolyn were philanthropic to their causes in life. He was naturalized in 1990 and was proud to be an American citizen. He was always speaking up on politics and religion. One could debate with him for hours on any number of subjects.

He was preceded in death by his wife.

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