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Brian Bolton: Who is history’s greatest abortionist?

By Brian Bolton 

Christian fundamentalists constantly invoke their favorite definition of abortion: “the murder of unborn children.” They often refer to advocates of women’s reproductive rights using the epithets “baby killer” and “abortionist.” 

In the Austin, Texas, area, the Heidi Group claims that “God loves the unborn,” the Georgetown Life Chain asserts that “Jesus forgives and heals,” Texas Right to Life is “prayerfully building the Kingdom of God,” and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick proclaims that “God forgives women who have aborted children through the blood of Jesus Christ.” 

These anti-abortion zealots claim that scripture is the God-breathed, verbally inspired, perfect word of God, absolutely accurate in every verse and passage. In other words, everything in the bible comes straight from the mouth of God.

With this foundation, we can now ask: Who really is history’s greatest abortionist? To answer the question, this summarizes God’s declarations and behavior taken directly from Holy Writ, which is properly regarded as God’s personal diary. 

• I declare that unborn children are property, not living persons (Ex 21: 22-25). 

• I will not cause pregnant mothers-to-be to abort their unborn children, if they worship me exclusively (Ex 23:26). 

• I will abort your unborn children as just punishment for committing adultery (Num 5:11-31). 

• I assert that human lives are not sacred and will be destroyed as punishment for disobedience (Deut 28:18-24). 

• I will murder your children and rip open pregnant mothers-to-be as punishment for disobedience (2 Kings 8:12). 

• I will authorize leaders of my people to rip open pregnant mothers-to-be (2 Kings 15:16). 

• I attest that the dead are happier than the living and those never born are the most fortunate (Eccl 4:2-3). 

• I will murder the unborn children, infants, and living children of sinful Babylon (Isa 13:15-19). 

• I reject all claims of sanctity of human life and will destroy my people for worshipping other gods (Jer 44:4-14). 

• I will murder unborn children in their mother’s wombs, as well as living children, for Israel’s sinful deeds and wickedness (Hos 9:10-16). 

• I will rip open pregnant mothers-to-be and dash infants to the ground for Samaria’s sin of worshipping other gods (Hos 13:16). 

• I require the death penalty for 60 violations, but not for murdering an unborn child. 

• I intentionally omitted the command “Thou shalt not abort an unborn child” from the Decalogue (Ex 20:1-17). 

• I drowned all living people on Earth, including pregnant mothers-to-be and their unborn children, except for eight adults (Gen 6:7, 17; 7:21). 

• I incinerated all living inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and nearby cities, including pregnant mothers-to-be and their unborn children, except for the residents of Zoar (Gen 19:24-25). 

• I massacred all people living in the hundreds of cities ruled by 33 kings during the Conquest of Canaan, including pregnant mothers-to-be and their unborn children (Josh 10, 11, 12). 

• I annihilated all living people, including pregnant mothers-to-be and their unborn children, in 20 major slaughters (Judges, 1 Sam, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 2 Chron). 

• I murder millions of unborn “persons” every year in the United States, because two-thirds of conceived embryos fail to implant or are spontaneously aborted after pregnancy is verified. 

Four conclusions

The basic findings that emerge from the 18 scriptural statements and one contemporary fact about abortion create four irrefutable conclusions. 

1. God does not love unborn children, or their pregnant mothers-to-be, or living children, or adults. He is the greatest murderer of unborn children and the pre-eminent mass murderer of living people in human history. 

2. The bible does not support the attack on women’s reproductive healthcare. The fundamentalist anti-abortion crusade is a dishonest political campaign that is thoroughly refuted by God’s holy word. 

3. God causes all abortions, spontaneous and elective, as well as the destruction of fertilized ova or “persons,” because he is omnipotent and therefore is the cause of everything. 

4. The anti-abortion zealots’ favorite epithets — “murderer of unborn children,” “baby killer” and “abortionist” — apply accurately to their biblical God. He is history’s greatest abortionist. 

FFRF Life Member Brian Bolton is a retired psychologist living in Georgetown, Texas.