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Crankmail (Jan/Feb 2020)

Yikes! Some of the mail we received in the past month or so was especially heinous. Caution: Some of these missives are not for the weak of heart (or minor children). Printed as received.

Who you are!: You all represent a cancerous tumor on the fabric of U.S. society. You all need chemotherapy and radiation ! What do you FEAR from religion ? Are you employees of Satan ? — Doc Haberstein

end of I will go out of my way to get rid of you and you organization … you freethinkers upset me too much and on facebook too much if when I can… note get rid of the I will be working as well because I am a human being and you all are very dangerously wronging people… here in Canada psychiatrists are someor KNOWN openly to be athiets this mandates behavioral and attitudinal prioritize ing of no relion ever like ever I do not spell check I am unfortunate enough to have been posted by flunkies of those whoms value less for me and less for all people it is my right to facebook it is my right to take you out of the facebook because if I can I will and this may be a resourcefulness of course and perhaps you are really doing wrong because you are — Gail Baxter

Hey retards: Just wanted to make a suggestion. I’m all about that freedom. So here’s the deal. Why aren’t you about that freedom and freedom of thought? Why are you trying to be fascists and trying to tell other people that they’re not allowed to like religion?I’m not religious but I don’t see no religious people getting all up in my business. If the fucken police station wants to have a God damn in God we trust thing who gives a f***. Within your puny little f****** piece of trash brain just think that God is Satan or something who gives a f***. You give a f*** because you’re a Nazi piece of trash along with everyone of your f****** psychotic followers. Your little atheist movement is a extremist domestic terrorist movement. If you don’t like something just ignore it. Because guess what? That’s why we have the 2nd amendment so we can neutralize fascists when they encroach. — Jeff Masonrich

Missouri: Don’t you people have anything better to do then bother kids for saying a prey after a football game. You should go to another country and tell them to stop preying and see how you make out. A investigation? REALLY! — Peter McGarry 

Jesus blood: Jesus she’d his precious blood for everyone’s sins. Historians not religious historians tell us this man lived did miracles and died on a Roman cross . He died for your sins and mine. Do not fight against him anymore if you do that blood will become a curse against all of you. Your families first and your personal finances second and you’re organization lastly. It’s time to repent. Before you make a hasty decision I would suggest you google dying words of infidels — Michael Calkin

you: you can take your cock out and fuck your daughters in their asses until they bleed from their ears! Then you can suck the cancer out of my dead
grandmothers ass, and then I hope your wives get breast cancer, and have both their tits cut off so I can super glue them to my garage ceiling to be used as punching bags! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may God fuck you so badly, you get prostate cancer!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mind your fucking business about Florida and Brevard county! “IN GOD THEY TUST” — Sonny Blackmon

Your mission: Why do you only criticize Christianity? If your going to be “that guy” Than at least have some consistency. I feel sorry for you! You must have very sad lives — Arthur Santorum

Get out of Texas: You may remove yourself from any further litigation in Texas, or I might just decide to sue you in small claims court and encourage every other christian to do the same. You are not welcome in my State, your not welcome in my country, you are scum, you are welcome to leave to Europe where your views are wanted. Do not make me repeat myself you fucking cunts. — Phillip Causey

Honesty: Your assignment: Study original documents in David Bartons books such as “Original Intent” and get back to me. If the Bible is true, you are in deep trouble. If it is false, I still want have anything to worry about. If you want to change the Constitution, then get it amended. Just dont lie about history. — Dan Cummings