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2020 Students of Color essay contest winners

In the November issue, the Freedom From Religion Foundation published the essays of the top five winners (including ties) of the 2020 David Hudak Memorial Students of Color Essay Competition for College Students.

Because of space limitations, not all of the top 10 (and honorable mention) winners could be published at one time. As promised, the sixth- through 10th-place winners’ essays are published in this issue.

FFRF has paid out a record total of $28,150 in award money for this contest this year.

College students of color were asked to write a personal persuasive essay about “Living and thriving without religion.” FFRF received 342 entries for this contest.

FFRF has offered essay competitions to college students since 1979, high school students since 1994, grad students since 2010, one geared explicitly for students of color since 2016 and a fifth contest for law students since 2019. All contests are open to any students attending a school in North America meeting the age/grade level eligibility, except the students of color contest, which is reserved for students of color to offer special support for a minority within a minority.

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