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Crankmail (December 2020)

Please enjoy the following thoughts from non-FFRF members, printed as received.

You are deliberately recrucifying Jesus Christ: You need to turn that question internal, because it is INSANE ANTICHRIST FILTH as you that are destroying humanity and I hope and pray every single day that God makes you suffer horribly for it! — Beth Ann Morse

Get out of Dothan: Your article regarding a prayer request at a Dothan City School is absolute Bull$hit. First of all, it is none of your business. We, the citizens and parents of the Students didn’t ask for your opinion nor do we need it. We have urged our School board to ignore you asinine “requests” and if you choose to litigate, we will financially support our system and will raise funds as needed for whatever litigation might be necessary. You only exist to create havoc and chaos. You attempt to “FORCE” your views on others yet you try to thwart our views. Your organization is the epitome of hypocrisy. We don’t need you in Dothan and will continue to operate OUR school system as we see fit for OUR Children. — Roger Kirkland

Valdosta city schools: Tell who ever you need to including your attorney to stay out of Valdosta Ga. We will do what we want to and we are not gonna have a bunch of stupid ignorant Wisconsin Yankees tell us what we will do or not do. You are threatening us and we will not have it. We don’t take too kindly to threats in South Georgia so go away. — Brendon Hannon

You Are Going To Be Judged: I just wanted to warn you, that by deliberately misquoting the Bible and by misleading people you are is serious danger of God’s judgement. It is okay to have differing opinions but to blatantly and grotesquely misrepresent the intentions of the Bible is very dangerous to you living a life of eternal torment in a place of darkness and where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. — Gene Staley

Your ridiculousness: Dissolve your group and Pray you all can be forgiven. Each of your members have made a choice in order to remove God from schools. Because it’s so awful to have kids praying right? It’s so awful to have a symbolism of good faith and goodwill towards men right? You people are the right hand of the Devil and shame on you all for what you do every day it disgusts me and there should be a constitutional amendment that disbands your org. Or at least maybe you could rename your organization to some thing a little more honest, I don’t know like the devil seed or maybe replace God, or maybe we hate anything good. We are all going to hell. Luckily for you there are people like that Jasper head coach out there because maybe they can pray for you to save your souls. — Shawn Kirby

Twisting Scripture: You guys are twisting scripture to promote abortion. The truth isn’t subjective. The truth is the truth and whether you believe it or not, you will stand before God one day. — Elizabeth Luyendyk