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FFRF welcomes new Lifetime members

FFRF thanks and welcomes our new Beyond After-Life member, two After-Life members and 12 new Lifetime members.

Steve Overman is our newest Beyond After-Life member, which is a membership category of $10,000.

Tom Westlake Buschman and Jay Jones are the two most recent After-Life members, which is a membership category of $5,000.

The newest $1,000 Lifetime members are: Leonard Bernstein, Ryan Detzel, Paul Efron, Claudia English, Russell Frum, Diane Jarman, Kathleen D. Lebeck, William Nagel, Peggy Plumb, Peter Sobel, Gloria Wilson and Sheila Wolfe.         

States represented are: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin.     

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