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Meet a member: Every day brings a new puzzle for Katya Maes

Name: Katya Maes.

Where and when I was born: Moscow, Russia, in 1969.

Family: Married with three kids and a dog.

Education: B.A. in history from University of California-Berkeley.

Occupation: Enigmatologist/cruciverbalist or, in other words, I put together crossword puzzles.

How I got where am today: Mostly by flying by the seat of my pants. Maybe that wasn’t always the best way, but it sure made the journey fun!

Where I’m headed: Into the complete unknown. I like to wake up not knowing what the day will bring. Schedules, though necessary for managing life in 2020, depress me.

Person in history I admire and why: I definitely don’t have any heroes. Heroes are supposed to be perfect, and I don’t think there are any perfect people out there. But I do admire people who are able to look at the world from different perspectives. Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky come to mind.

A quotation I like: “Sometimes you have to forgo what’s popular for what’s important.” Mo’Nique said this in her 2010 Oscar acceptance speech for her role in “Precious.”

Things I like: Family traditions, our cabin, traveling, reading. I love old books.

Things I smite: When people rely on prayers rather than science, and when Christians claim that they, somehow, have a monopoly on morals.

My doubts about religion started: Never had any doubts! I was born an atheist.

Before I die: I would like to see what my kids end up doing with their lives. I know it will be something super interesting and satisfying.

Ways I promote freethought: By being vocal about my views, by volunteering for FFRF. Oh, and I do own a number of T-shirts with applicable messages!

Katya Maes