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Meet a member: Borden Applegate — Longtime member admires Ingersoll

Name: Borden Applegate.

Where/when I was born: Lakewood, N.J., in 1940.

Where I live: Jackson, N.J.

Family: Son of late Borden Sr. and Lorraine Applegate and younger brother of Ronnie Applegate. I have three daughters: Debra, Tracy, Beth.

Education: Master’s degree from Rutgers University.

Persons I most admire: My mother and father. 

Occupation: Retired as a major in the Jackson Police Department.

Religious upbringing: Methodist.

Person in history I most admire: Robert Ingersoll.

My doubts about religion started: When I stopped believing in the Sandman, I stopped believing in God.

How I promote atheism: Through education, reason, tolerance and a sense of humor. I have written over 50 letters to the editor that have been published, and, with few exceptions, all have dealt with state/church separation issues or matters of concern to atheists. I have been a member of FFRF since the 1980s and have greatly admired and appreciated the work you have done on behalf of atheists for so many years.

How I got where I am today: Through the support of my wife, public school teachers and luck.

Things I like: May and October in New Jersey, the fragrances of lilac and honeysuckle, loyalty, small towns, my old dog Mr. Higgins, people with a sense of humor, Dixieland jazz, and movies with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire dancing.

Things I smite: Christian doctrines of “original sin” and “eternal punishment.”

Favorite quote: “Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy to so make others so.” — Robert Ingersoll.

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