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Crankmail (December 2021)

Here is this issue’s installment of correspondence sent to FFRF from the less savory side. Printed as received.

My freedom matters to: I should be able to watch a show without a bunch of idiotic atheists on my screen telling us all how they want to be free. Whoever Ron Reagan Jr is who is mocking my religion by saying he’s not afraid of hell is completely.uncalled for! It’s not my problem if you aren’t intelligent enough to respect others like myself. I haven’t seen any commercials pushing toward my Christianity so I expect to be respected the same way. If you’ve never had the pleasure of having your prayers answered that’s very sad but again not mine or any other Christians problem. I pay for my internet so you need to do your disgusting bidding somewhere else. Stay off of my screen!!  Melissa Burton

FFR: There is already something in this country called separation of church and state. Nobody is forcing religion on you through the government you fucking liars. You and your atheist organization can suck dicks in hell. Have a nice day. — Dana Carrington  

Billboard in Houston: I am a very strong Christian and I saw your billboard along the freeway here in Houston sleep in on Sunday there is no afterlife I sure would like to know where you have proof that there is no afterlife other than you saying there is no afterlife the Bible says absent from the body present with the Lord the Bible is thorough proof that there is afterlife God wrote the book God is incapable of lying God does not make up fairy tales as you people do and a place of billboard on the freeway telling people there is no afterlife that is totally wrong you have no right to do so let people choose what they want to choose if they so choose not to follow God then let that be their choice don’t instigate it we Christians do not instigate people into following Christ we give them a choice we just tell them what the consequences are for not accepting Christ as you people have all I can say is that I hope all of you will come to your senses someday and realize that God exists — Kalin Rossmeier 

God’s love: As all men are touched by God’s love, so all are also touched by the desire for His intimacy. No one escapes this longing; we are all kings in exile, miserable without the Infinite. Those who reject the grace of God have a desire to avoid God, as those who accept it have a desire for God. The modern atheist does not disbelieve because of his intellect, but because of his will; it is not knowledge that makes him an atheist…The denial of God springs from a man’s desire not to have a God—from his wish that there were no Justice behind the universe, so that his injustices would fear not retribution; from his desire that there be no Law, so that he may not be judged by it; from his wish that there were no Absolute Goodness, that he might go on sinning with impunity. That is why the modern atheist is always angered when he hears anything said about God and religion—he would be incapable of such a resentment if God were only a myth. His feeling toward God is the same as that which a wicked man has for one whom he has wronged: he wishes he were dead so that he could do nothing to avenge the wrong. The betrayer of friendship knows his friend exists, but he wished he did not; the post-Christian atheist knows God exists, but he desires He should not. — Jacqueline Larsen

Atheist: What you may want to consider is your absolute belief in nothingness is really religion itself as you are exhibiting the very behaviors you claim to hate by promoting your belief system upon the masses. You see you really are not atheists, because you do believe in something… it just happens to be nothing. — Alayna Jones

Dangerous: Our forefathers came here, not to get away from religion, but to have the right to practice whatever RELIGION they believed in. Atheism is NOT a religion. You do have the right not to believe in God but you do NOT have the right to try to change the foundation of this country. If you don’t like that religion is practiced here then GET THE FUCK OUT. I find it amusing that the only program that will air your ridiculous diatribe is that disgustingly liberal CBS Sunday Morning, which I was forced to watch by a dear, but ignorant, friend (ignorant to how unbelievably stupid the liberal left is & how they, like you, are a danger to our country). — Stan Prochaska

Covid: I need to know your official views on the death shot Covid Vaccine which is not a vaccine.  Also, anyone who has studied it knows astrology works.  It is mathematics and physics and frequency and resonance. — Al Fischer 

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