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They Said What? (December 2021)

What we see happening in our schools today is no accident. This is a result of, literally, over a hundred years of planning, and activism and organization by ungodly people. And if I could just be frank, it’s by atheists, and communists, and secular humanists. OK? I’m just going to call a spade a spade here.

Truth and Liberty Coalition Executive Director Richard Harris, in the article, “The Christian Right revolution starts small and local.”

Religion Dispatches, 10-26-21

While a free nation cannot and should not try to coerce atheists toward belief, people of faith, while we still have a voice, have an urgent duty to alert our fellow citizens that, although religious freedom protects atheists, atheism itself nonetheless has an inherent and — alas — well-established tendency to work not only against religious freedom, but against all freedoms.

Eric Metaxas, Christian author and radio host, in his column, “Is atheism the enemy of freedom?”

Fox News, 10-25-21

There’s no such thing as separation of church and state. . . .

In the classroom, kids would learn about good vs. evil, and that Judeo-Christian ethic separates itself from Islam and atheism and all these other belief sets on so many levels.

Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate candidate and former Ohio treasurer, during a GOP candidate debate, saying the authors of the Constitution envisioned a country where school children would be taught about God.

Newsweek, 10-25-21

In the light of my seriously held God-following beliefs, my heart, soul and mind belong to the Almighty Creator Elohim, it is against my faith and conscience to have any of this injected into my body. I truly believe the God-given immune system has been proven to be the strongest against communicable disease.

Jamal Y. Speakes, a high school teacher in Los Angeles, who successfully applied for a religious exemption so he could continue teaching, despite Los Angeles Unified School District’s vaccine mandate for all employees.

Los Angeles Times, 10-29-21

Nearly everything that plagues our society can be attributed to a failure to follow God’s laws for morality and his rules for and definition of marriage and family.

Rep. Bob Good R-Va., during a House debate Oct. 26 on anti-domestic violence legislation called the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act.

Huffington Post, 10-26-21

The dilemma for the atheist is that he is compelled to oscillate unhappily between self-importance and no importance.

Donald DeMarco, senior fellow of Human Life International, in his column, “Atheism’s ‘eccentric’ nature.”

National Catholic Register, 11-8-21

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