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Jan. 6 Christian nationalism report released

Jan. 6 report

On Feb. 9, FFRF and the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty released their hard-hitting exposé, “Christian Nationalism and the January 6, 2021, Insurrection.”

The entire report can be found here:

The report includes contributions from prominent experts on Christian nationalism, including Professors Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry, authors of Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States; Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism; Dr. Jemar Tisby, historian of race and religion and author of How to Fight Racism and The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism; Amanda Tyler, executive director of BJC and organizer of the Christians Against Christian Nationalism initiative; and Andrew L. Seidel, a constitutional attorney at FFRF and author of The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is UnAmerican.

The extensive document begins with a sociological explanation of Christian nationalism in America and the demographics that underlie this ideology.

The report provides a brief history of white Christian nationalism in the United States, which is followed by a thorough unmasking of the networks of power and money that prop up the ideology.

The bulk of the report exposes the role this ideology played in fomenting the insurrection, including a key section written by Seidel detailing the buildup and dry runs that occurred immediately following Election Day up until the attack itself. His chapter on the evidence of the role of white Christian nationalism is heavily documented and richly studded with photographs and links to videos of that day showing the prayers, signage and symbols of Christian nationalism.

The report concludes with examples of how Christian leaders responded to Christian nationalism and calling for a widespread recommitment to foundational values of religious freedom for all, including how separating the institutions of religion and government promotes everyone’s freedom.

With its razor-sharp focus on an underreported aspect of the Jan. 6 assault, the report — combining the resources of two notable groups and with insights from prominent experts — deserves to be widely read.