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In memoriam: Jan Froehlich was CPA for FFRF

Jan Froehlich

Freethought Today sadly reports the death of Janice “Jan” Leigh Froehlich on Jan. 1 at age 58.

Jan, for many years, was the dedicated lead certified public accountant from Johnson and Block, the company in Madison, Wis., that specializes in nonprofits and performs the annual audit for the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Her life was cut short by one of the most insidious cancers — glioblastoma.

Jan was born on March 10, 1963, got her accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin, became a CPA and was a devoted employee of Johnson & Block for 30 years, becoming a partner in 2005. Jan married Rob Novy Jr., in 2010. She served on the boards of multiple nonprofits, including one of her favorites — the Ice Age Trail. She volunteered for laborious prairie restoration and brush management projects (crown vetch was her “sworn enemy”), and loved hiking with her golden retrievers and at national parks and wilderness areas.

She mentored “her kids,” including the current and trusted CPAs who now work with FFRF.

Recalls FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor: “Jan was not just our CPA, but a wise adviser and friend to FFRF. Jan actually was the first person to suggest, when the FFRF’s office was hopelessly overcrowded and running out of space, that we were in a position to purchase the rundown apartment building next door. That turned into a heralded expansion, and she celebrated FFRF’s growth and successes with us.”

Jan did indeed have a “million-dollar smile” and “playful sense of humor,” as her obituary noted. She will be very missed.

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