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In memoriam: ‘Mischief maker’ Ed Scharf dies at ’43’

Ed Scharf

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks for the kindhearted sympathy card from Annie Laurie regarding the loss of my dad, Ed Scharf. His quick wit, irreverence and passion to push for positive change (mostly by stirring up trouble) was a true inspiration to so many. FFRF meant a lot to him and does to me as well. I was tickled to learn that Jean Frank (my de facto mother-in-law) had become a Lifetime Member in his honor. He turned her onto FFRF, as well, and would give me his Freethought Today copies to pass on to her, which she thoroughly enjoys. He was great at spreading his infectious enthusiasm and the best guy I ever met. Here’s my tribute. Dad would’ve liked it.

Darren Scharf


To all interested parties, let it be known that on the sixth of February in the year 2022, Edwin E. Scharf, Gadfly of Grey Forest, Texas, Dogfather extraordinaire, maker of mischief, and probably the greatest of humans to ever have existed, has decided to pursue his intellectual curiosities and explore the mysteries of the afterlife (or lack thereof.) In other words (his), he has kicked the bucket, caught the glory train, transcended to other-worldly realms, and also woke up dead. We will let you know if his status changes.

Having opted to only celebrate his birthdays on odd numbered years (he was an odd guy), he lived to the ripe old age of 43. He was known for his eye-rolling jokes and causing trouble everywhere he could, including moonlighting as a state comptroller circuit judge, Green Party congressional candidate, real estate broker, master planner, enthusiastic entrepreneur, nature conservationist, local historian, devout freethinker, ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and much, much more.

Somehow, when he wasn’t busy raising hell alongside his even more impressive wife and partner-in-crime, Irene, he also raised a couple of pretty great kids, Darren (his favorite son) and Lorna (his favorite daughter.) And while normally a stickler for timeliness, in this case he was the last one of his nine brothers and sisters to cross the finish line. Even his beloved Schnauzer, Streudel, beat him by a few years and she wasn’t particularly fast.

His final achievement was earning the self-awarded posthumous title of assistant professor emeritus (with tenure) from Texas State University’s Forensic Anthropology Department for the generous donation of his mortal remains. When asked how he’s doing otherwise, he said, “Other than not being vertical anymore, I could be young, intelligent, wealthy, talented, charismatic, energetic, and effervescent like you . . . but hey, not even one out of 10!”

He asks that any thoughts and prayers be kept to yourself and all donations be directed to the Freedom From Religion Foundation or your favorite animal rescue charity. He is greatly missed.

Love you and like you, Dad!!