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All-women legal podcast debuts

Co-hosts of “We Dissent” are, from left, Elizabeth Cavell, Alison Gill, Monica Miller and Rebecca S. Markert.

On May 18, four attorneys from three major secular organizations launched the only legal affairs show for atheists, agnostics and humanists hosted completely by women lawyers.

On the podcast “We Dissent,” the attorneys discuss religious liberty in federal and state courts and the work they do to keep religion and government separate. The co-hosts are Rebecca S. Markert, legal director at the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Elizabeth Cavell, associate counsel at FFRF, Alison Gill, vice president for legal and policy at American Atheists, and Monica Miller, legal director and senior counsel at the American Humanist Association. 

After an initial run of a new episode every week for several weeks, the podcast will air new shows once a month beginning in June.

The podcast will explore religious liberty cases currently before the U.S. Supreme Court and at other federal courts across the country. The attorney hosts will also discuss other advocacy work undertaken to help atheists and other nonreligious people outside the courtroom.

Markert is elated that she’s played a key role in putting together such a distinctive podcast.

“I’m really excited how this all came together. We wanted to highlight the fact that there are so many powerful secular women doing a lot of the work to keep religion out of government,” says Markert. “Women lawyers have prominent roles in our national organizations and their voices deserve to be heard.”

The co-hosts thank FFRF staff members James Phetteplace and Greta Martens for their production support and work in helping get “We Dissent” off the ground.

“We Dissent” is available wherever you get your podcasts. The podcast’s website is You can also keep up to date with “We Dissent” on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @we_dissent.

Tune in for an incisive podcast that offers a fresh legal critique from a particular perspective.