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Crankmail (June/July 2022)

This issue’s edition of Crankmail features not-so-lucid arguments from those who are less educationally inclined. Printed as received.

Crosses: Quit bitching about the 3 crosses in my town. You don’t live here fucking bitches.Fuck nuts like you is the reason Clint Eastwood called this generation pussies. We proudly display our 4 crosses in this Town if you don’t like it fuck you and your momma the whore that birthed your whiny pussy ass. — Taylor Macomb

Wrong: You can try to scare us or threaten us all you want but it will not work. We will just put more crosses up all over the hills of Tennessee and on every hill in every city of the United States. It is called the freedom of religion and there is nothing written in any federal document stating a separation of church and state, nor is it implied anywhere either. — Russ Veldman

F-You!: !Assholes like you fucks: Go fuck yourself you unAmerican pieces of shit — Jake Devillers

Satanic foundation: By stopping your existence. You try to remove prayers from schools, you can choose to hear a prayer, just like I can choose to not look at rainbow flags or LGBTQ people. Maybe there should be a FREEDOM FROM GAYNESS FOUNDATION to offset this one. You dont wanna hear a prayer, then take a bathroom break or crunch on potato chips instead, but stop this madness. Freedom from religion is IGNORING IT, not REMOVING it. — Arnold Carter 

Mind your own business: You can keep your stupid demon thoughts to yourself. Worry about your own evil and leave Tennessee alone. If we wanted your opinion, we would have asked for it. We are kind people, unlike you. It’s none of your business what other states have so get over yourself. — Jessie Petersen

So sad: Just reading an article where you guys have stopped prayer before football games in our state. I’m truly heartbroken for the members of this organization. The fact that you guys obviously do not know or love the Lord, the God that created YOU, is heartbreaking. Prayer is all we have and to be able to go before the God of this universe to ask for protection over these players, is just devastating that you’ve stopped this. Where does your hope lie? Because my hope is in Jesus Christ. Something/someone that will never falter or leave me. And I pray this organization will crumble because you guys are missing the truth that lies right before your eyes. — Kristen Howard 

Shame on you: Stop running those awful ads. The world needs God now more than ever so keep your smarmy words to yourself. You’re commuting the one sin that won’t be forgiven, damn fools. God isn’t just a “rumor” going around since the beginning of time. — Tammy Peters 

Tax exempt: Why does FFR feel the need to stick their nose into everything pertaining to the practice of religion? If a religious individual wants the FREEDOM to pray , whether on a street corner, or in a restaurant, that person has that right!! What, or how should that affect you? As for your new endeavor with East Tn, and the 3 crosses. You are located 100s miles away!!! What concern is it of your organization??? For your information, those crosses have been there for decades!!! I don’t go to church, however, I DO believe in the right to FREEDOM of speech. The right to pray. As well as if it isn’t bothering me, or I’m not getting physically hurt, let it be. Quit trying to dictate your beliefs, of hatred!! There is enough of it going around. Stay out of East Tn. We don’t dictate religion to you, so don’t dictate your lack of religion to us. If you have a member who recently moved to East Tn. Tell them to go back to wherever they came from! Also I wonder does your Foundation pay Business taxes? Or does the FFR get “tax ? — Preston Blakesley

Who is it?:I want to know who the person is that complained about the three wooden crosses in Elizabethton Tennessee. That is if you dumb fuckers aren’t afraid to tell who it is. — Frank Telmar