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Crankmail (August 2022)

The crank is strong in these folks. Printed as received.

Abortion: I just want to tell you that your view on abortion is wrong. The thing is yes God breathed the life of breath into Adam‘s nostrils, and he did the same for Eve but since the breath of God was already in Eve anything that’s inside her is alive including the growing baby inside her womb. How else can it be animated and how else can it be growing without the life that God gives it? I seriously think that you should reconsider what you’re teaching people. — John Ziemer

Constitution: Hey jerks, if you really care about the constitution it says freedom OF religion not freedom from religion. You can’t even read and you want people to listen to you. Bahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa — Craig Bichette 

FFR: Wow you mocking GOD  YOU will die tomarow — Howard Placer

Godless Communism/Atheism: You people are destroying America. You belong in prison for life for your affront to God the Father.  May you burn in Hellfire forever and ever. In Christ Holy name, Amen. — John Kyles 

God is real: Im not into religion im a lover of jesus christ an our creater.  .i was a none beliver until i felt the creater power. An jesus sprit.  .these are puppets from the devil . too lead you away from god. God is  real .heavon is real so is Hell .think when your flesh die .your sprit what gives you life will be judge .please dont follow this fools .pray too highest power who created life in all of the unvierse .there is a god TRUST.. — Donnell Smith 

Give thanks: You poor things, nobody ever taught you how to correctly divide the word of God. How will you give thanks for water, heat and food among everything else? Or did you think people made these things? — Carlos Hernandez 

Proof: You will burn in hell.  The earth is fixed….immovable. fake science will send many to hell..  Look at everything. Trust nothing.  Prove all things. Demand proof for anything you believe. Don’t let your pride control you. — Pam Scarsdale

Heaven: If you believe in Hellas your commercial states, you admit there is a heaven. That’s a start. God Is Goog — Stacey Messier

Atheism is evil: You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You are monsters. — John Smith 

No peace: Mr Reagan,  wait when you get there, you will be screaming bloody murder for all eternity.  You will never have any peace, no relief from the constant fire and severe loneliness and no light will penetrate. — John Pembroke

Question everything: What evidence you have that there is no God. And how do explain the mystery of child birth. And the mystery of the breath  that you breathe.  As well as your heart beat. Who do you think is responsible or what. How do you explain the existence of the stars. —  Chris Adams

Go away: I personally hope that horrible horrible things happen to your organization, your employees, and their families. Any organization that reaches across the country with its narrowminded views to force them on others to “help”.. your organization is like a missionary force for the church of moral modern douchbaggery. Again, I just hope that karma plays out an actual plague or meteorites for you and your fellow zealots. — Jeff Terndale

Quran: Oh you Muslim  who Cannot read  his Quran ,  and  believe the word of His Allah, Read  !!! and be put to Shame.  ,!!  You receit your Quran from Cover, to Cover. Yet you do  understand the Contents.   JESUS is  the WORD Of God, The  SPIRIT of  GOD,  JESUS CHRIST.   God Created the World Wit   h The Word,  Jesus Is  Sinless, Is Alive,  Will Come Back, Will Judge The World  .He is The Messaih.   Mohammed and  The  Alllah  of Mohammed ,came. 600 yrs After Christ. — Trudy Malcolm