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Crankmail (Dec. 2022)

We hope you enjoy this installment of Crankmail, where we publish some correspondence from the not-so-best and not-so-brightest of FFRF’s detractors. All missives are printed as received.

Constitution: First I would love to understand from “you” people, does the English language actually have meaning? Do words have meanings?Maybe they are some arbitrary letters strung together that have no meaning? How about the fact that there is no language in the constitution that says separation of church and state… Can you point that out? “Prohibits the gov from making of any law in establishing religion. Further more prohibits the impeding of exercising of religion. Do you see separation of church and state? NO! So basically you all are impeding the rights of Americans to exercise their right of expression of religion where ever they want. So by using the courts that are now ruling on personal theology instead of on the constitution, you would have me believe that this is legal? That, what you’re promoting is constitutional? You’re using courts to do your bidding? That doesn’t make it constitutional…. We’re on to you! — Henry A. Takando

Stop it!: Please stop all of your “anonymous” whining to try to get your way when the rest of us are trying to do the right thing and you hide behind political correctness to annoy the majority. Please try to understand that you are an insignificant minority that is fueled by your insecurity to try to get back at those of us who are trying to improve the quality of life for our families, our communities and our nation while you are simply an irritant and distraction to that end. Use your energy to try to improve life for all instead of being a whiny distraction — Todd Teschendorf

Atheists: Hey, folks. Madalyn O’Hara started all this. And because she refused to believe that there was right or wrong, and insisted that the 10 commandments meant nothing, she did horrible things, dishonest things, stealing and on and on. And she hired unrepentant murderers, because she didn’t believe in the 10 commandments, didn’t think murder was bad. Well, do you know the grotesque end of her, one of her sons and a grandaughter? LOOK IT UP! You FOOLS! I think you need a reality check on yourselves, and should be ashamed. You go ahead and believe whatever you believe, but LEAVE AMERICA’S CHILDREN ALONE!!!!!!!!! — Blaise Babcock

Evil: You all are in the Antichrist as foretold. You are fulfilling what God said would happen. When I look at your faces all I see is evil like Satan your Father full of blasphemy. Faces like this will never be in Heaven and you know that. You laugh and scoff to what God already said you would so your preaching for Satan is no surprise. So keep preaching death to life and death will take you away and you will be the ones with great surprise. Your hearts are hardened to the truth to all I say or God’s Word say will just bounce off. I hate Satan for deceiving you. Satan don’t care if you believe in him or not, just as long as you treasure to preach death. — Pat Robinson

Nazi’s: You are basically anti-religious Nazi’s who feel that you are justified in squelching people’s freedom of speech and religion. No one is forcing people to pray, or sing a religious song, but your organization tries to force them not to. Unlike China and North Korea, we have religious freedom and the freedom of expression. — Larry Procter

Your salvation: Just want you all to know we are praying daily for your Salvation. God sent his only son to die for you that you might have everlasting Life. He loves you so much. Please don’t leave earth without Him in your hearts. Hell is real. Please don’t go there! — Glenn Hurley

My pronouns are Born again and child of God: I watched my father die this weekend. While your organization wants to prohibit prayer and any form of the recognizance that an Ultimate Creator exists. I watched my daddy pass into the heavenly regions your organization says doesn’t exist. You are the most laughable of an organization. Mind your own business and we’ll continue to mind ours. Keep your heretic noses out of other peoples’ business. We don’t put ours in yours. Be still demons, and know the Lord is in control. Always, — Karrie Hollis

We have rights: What your organization espouses is not unlike what our parents fled from: the complete silencing of our fundamental rights to express our religious beliefs. What is going on today is a complete persecution of Christians and their beliefs. You do not have a right to threaten and bully Christians into silence. — Emily Beauregard