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Caption contest winner!

Caption contest

Congratulations to Jerry Levasseur of Ohio for winning FFRF’s caption contest from the November issue. For his winning essay, he wins an FFRF T-shirt.

The winning caption is: Separation of Church and Taste.

Top runners-up include: Santa & Uncle Sam: “Please, Mary, just call him an Immaculate Conception and don’t ask for DNA tests.” — Joan Hendricks of Wisconsin.

Nativity Naiveté — David Lofvers of Florida.

Ho Ho Holy Crap! — Diana Waddell of Colorado.

Let us pray that no one catches on to the fact that we are ALL imaginary characters!  — James Perine of New York.

Which one of you is the baby daddy?  — Kathy Hudson of Florida.

Thanks to all who participated. If you’ve taken any photos that you think would be good for this contest, please email them to