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Convention photos: Clean money drawing, Voices of Reason

Each year during the convention, FFRF holds a “clean money” drawing of bills that were printed prior to 1957, when the words “In God We Trust” were added. Here are this year’s winners.


1935 Series E

Donated by Gary and Marcy Garb (Pa.)

Won by Mark Harrison (Calif.)


1935 Series E

Donated by Michelle Bock & Ruth Lilly (Texas)

Won by Randy Turner (Wash.)


1935 Series F

Donated by Diane Uhl (Ariz.)

Won by Bob Kresek (Calif.)


1935 Series G

Donated by John C. Shepherd (Ga.)

Won by Dick Kerr (Calif.)


1935 Series G

Donated by Nancy Harris (Wis.)

Won by Gail Jones (Calif.)



Donated by Raymond Greenbank (Ohio)

Won by Dolores Salomon (Calif.)


1953 Series C

Donated by Charles & Sheri Bender (Ind.)

Won by Becky Carter (Ore.)


1950 Series E

Donated by Lynne Hills (Conn.)

Won by Helga Crisp (Ky.)


1950 Series B

Donated by Craig Thomson (Pa.) 

Won by Emma Chase (Wash.)



Donated by D.A. Rickards (Ohio)

Won by Claudette StPierre (Colo.)



Donated by Ron Locatelli (Calif.)

Won by Coyote Herron (Wis.)



Donated by Shirley R. Moll (Minn.)

Won by Dolores Salomon (Calif.)