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Crankmail (April 2020)

Here is this issue’s installment of Crankmail, where we republish, unedited, some of the mail we get at FFRF that doesn’t deserve Letterbox status. Not for the faint of heart. 

Abortion: You should not mislead people about what god says about abortion. Exodus 21 clearly says life for life. A baby can survive if born as early as 21 weeks. You better do a few more bible studies. — Dennis Zacharias

Bow to Christ: I just want to say that you guys can keep your liberal “freedom from religion” garbage in Wisconson. That junk isn’t welcome in WV. There are many in this state that still hold to godly principles and the truth of Scripture. It amazes me how organizations like this exist and take offense at these things and try to put a stop to it, and in turn disrespect and offend the Christians. Don’t give me that “separation of church and state” spill either. We both know that means that the state cant govern how the church operates and does not mean that Christian values cant be expressed publicly. If someone is offended then guess what? WHO CARES! One day you guys will bow before Christ, either as your Savior or your Judge. Rom 10:9 — Jayce Mersten

Hell: There are no atheists in hell,when they die and their souls see HELL,They believe but it.s too late — Roland Bouchard

u want a fight: Who in the hell are you to be telling people what is right or wrong. I find that when a person or group of people say that what I think,say,do,live is wrong then it’s time that I find that person or group and knock it on it fucking ass,then keep knocking down till they learn to leave me alone. So if it’s a fight u want it’s a fight u get you hitler loving sob’s — Robert Tess

Go pack sand: I have been reading numerous articles where the FFRF has threatened numerous sheriff’s around the country in regards to the “In God We Trust” stickers on the sheriff department vehicles and wearing their uniform while addressing church congregations they have been invited to speak at. From what I can gather, all of them have basically told your attorneys o pack sand and fuck off. I also find it refreshing to see the courts-of-law throwing your lawsuits out with “No Merit” rulings.  I interpret that to also mean the FFRF can pack sand and get fucked as well. I highly recommend the FFRF continue to file the frivolous lawsuits and am encouraging the governments affected to file for all court costs, time and a half for employees salaries wasted to respond to your games, fuel to travel to and from court, printer ink, paper, copier toner and any and all other taxpayer expenses for the waste of time you have created for nothing. Eventually, your supporters will begin to question the wisdom of wasting their money on lawsuits that continue to be without merit. Sincerely, — Andy Pastorini

Concord: Why do you force atheist  ideas on a Concord School district when most of the community is Christian?  Shall we start a “Freedom from atheists” group in order to protect my and my children’s rights.  One student in a school should not be allowed to choose what I watch!!! You are forcing what you believe on me.   STOP — Linda Junck

You bastards!: You demon possessed bastards want to attack Christians and Veterans like me huh?  Well you sons-of-bitches, when The Rapture happens and you get Left Behind, I can’t wait for World War 3…you’re going to get your asses kicked by God Almighty Himself when He pours out the 21 Judgments! Jesus Christ is going to make you all bow…whether it is on His right side for worship, or on His left for damnation! Fell free to get the hell out of my country that I served and buried over 25 of my friends & comrades!  Maybe you bastards can get traded: send you to Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc., and bring the women, children, and persecuted Christians here to the USA! God damn you, God damn your false teachings, and God bless the United States of America!!! — William Pasternak

God the creator: You do know it is scientifically impossible for space time and matter to arise from nothing, by nothing.( what the atheistic world view suggests)  Check out the first law of thermodynamics, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed in nature” You atheists have a problem…If there is no God how did all this stuff get created??? — Michael Hartinger