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Crankmail (August 2020)

Here is your August assortment of sometimes vile, sometimes mean, but always interesting hate mail sent to FFRF. Printed as received.

God: I feel so sorry for all of you. God is REAL but it will be too late for you and your soul when you die. The Bible says it is appointed for man once to die and then judgement. You will stand before God- Jesus as your judge. If you did not accept Jesus as your Savior while on earth you will spend forever and ever and ever in HELL a HORRIBLE place. Why don’t you believe Jesus is God. Get the book by Lee Strobel The Case for Christ. He was an atheist but found OVERWHELMING evidence that Jesus is who He says He is and the Bible is TRUE. — Ben Boderinger

Change now!: I will say this and only say it as a favor to you pieces of shit from one human being to another. normal americans grow very weary of people like your organization stands for. You might want to check yourselves with your incessant need to trample on over half the countries ideals just because you have an evil judicial system at your back that mostly ignores the founders true intentions and our constitution true spirit. a day grows near when my countrymen may just decide enough is enough and that you and your ilk are a clear and present danger to the constitution and spirit of America We are watching you and your leftist agenda and constantly evaluating you and your filth to determine if you have finally overstepped your yourselves to a degree which we canno t let pass. I wish to impress upon you are very close to that edge of a cliff form which the sleeping giant may be awoken and you will rue the day. — Ryan Renshaw

Satan (Islam) comes to Kill: Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Islam comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Obama comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Freedom from Religious foundation comes to steal, kill, and destroy. You might want to look over Islamic Laws becames Islam is now demanding Sharia Law in America and by July America will not have any more freedoms. August 21, plan between then and September 23 to have a nuclear attack in every major city in the USA. All white, black, Jews and Christians must die in the USA by September 23rd. My Curch complaint is to shut down every Islamic Mosque in America because America died from within because Islam is taking over from within. — Vic Ashcraft

Payback is coming: I’m not a religious person at all! But for you fuckers to file lawsuits against people who want to express their religious beliefs is beyond childish. Because you are a bunch of atheist who get offended by religious people is absolutely hysterical. It sounds like you are all nothing but a bunch of lawyers trying to find ways to sue people and make money. As the saying goes.., the only good lawyer is a dead lawyer! Now stop bothering people you fucking assholes! When the time does come you will get what is coming to you! — John Zukowski

Cowardice: You people suck. You are weak minded fools. We are going to take our country back and you are not a part of it. You are just haters that think you can separate religion from government. No where does the constitution call for that. Now crawl back into your hole. I will do every thing I can to defy everything you do and YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I will take a Christian flag into every government building and you can not stop me as you are not able COWARDS. It’s time we shut you hate mongers down.— David Kollars

Horrible people: You can all go fuck yourself’s. You are horrible people for making towns and cities remove crosses. I hope you all burn in hell! This is a nation founded on Christianity if you don’t like it get the fuck out! We don’t want you anyway! I hope God make the rest of your lives miserable!  Michael Rossman

Freedom from religion: It appears that much of the general public is either uneducated or just don’t care and I am sure it is some of the both. I include YOUR Organization within this bunch as well. YOU need to learn just what Separation from Church (Religion?) and State really means as well as the Freedom of Speech. You folks trying to add to the Constitution to read what you want it to read even though Some Prejudiced Courts allow you to get by will eventually back fire and fail. The Gay movement, Your Religious Fight, Black Lives matter and the list goes on will one day all Fall. I urge you all to learn the Truth and the Truth will SET you FREE Indeed; The Truth is that their is ONLY One God, One World, and one People and in that Order. Secondly, you all should invest just a few ounces of your energies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just as Important is the FACT of what is really going on here in America is found in II Timothy the Third Chapter of the Holy Bible and Not one of your L aw Books. The real deal is those who do not Repent, Accept Christ, and become a part of the Bride of Christ will be Rewarded ONLY with Eternal Hell Fire. — John Andrews