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Crankmail (August 2021)

We hope you enjoy this month’s edition of the Crankmail missives sent to FFRF. Printed as received.

Evil: It must be devastating to your “non profit” knowing there are over 550 witnesses confirmed Jesus is alive and well after dying for mine and your sins on the cross. There’s a hot hell waiting for those that use their life to deny his name! “EVERY KNEE WILL BEND & TONGUE WILL CONFESS THAT JESUS IS LORD.” Sorry to break it to you all but In the end God wins. — Bo Dyer 

Fools: If you don’t believe in any G_d, how could you possibly be offended by those that do. If you are smart enough’s to discern there could be no Creator, why could you possibly be offended by those that acknowledge someone you feel doesn’t exist? Why would freedom of thought be ended because of your opinions? Fool! — Rodger Jennings 

You are so fucked: So. You “atheists” really think it’s about religion?? You have no clue what the hell you’re even talking about. Interested in a good debate?? Come see us at Cornerstone Church of Clarion. Maybe we get the Holy Spirit to set you on fire — Jared Evans 

your threat to this country: You may assist me–rather the RESPECTABLE citizens of this country–by leaving it. Atheism is NOT a religion. You do have the right not to believe in God but you do NOT have the right to try to change the foundation of this country. If you don’t like that religion is practiced here then GET THE FUCK OUT. I wish you this–you get a terminal case of the drizzling shits & live forever with it, with only coarse sandpaper with which to wipe your sorry ass. Oh…by the way…did I mention I am an atheist? But I am a DECENT atheist, not a disgusting one like you. — Monica Thacker 

Moral decline: I just want to congratulate FFR and the ACLU (Anti Christian Liberal Union) for being MAJOR contributors to the moral decline in America. Since you two worthless groups have pursued the destruction of organized religion the moral decay of society has grown. — Jack Pengstad

Facts: First of all: Shame on you. I am going to tell you a truth and you better believe it or I WILL bankrupt you. “Separation of Church and State” is NOT in the United States Constitution. That is a FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody disagree, then you really do not know the truth. Rescind your dispute NOW or I will see you at the Supreme Court, and you will be declared a terrorist organization. I am tired of the lies that the organizations like FFRF promote. The First Amendment states in part “freedom of religion” NOT ‘freedom from religion’. You would not exist if it were not for the founding of our nation and the certain unalienable rights that ONLY our Creator could avow to us. FACT! Please apologize. Thanks! — Vincent DeJung

Are you stupid.: Your group needs to stop demanding people to take down there faith in GOD.Its our right to pray and no place in our Constitution does it say are mean,the government has the right to take it away.If someone gets offended by it then to bad this country needs God.And if they come to this country to live they need to respect our laws and valuse as we do theres. — Theodore SpahnHorrible!: Freedom from religion? What we need is freedom from socialism. Over 100 million victims in the 20th century alone. How do you folk sleep at night? — Jonathan Roester

Prayers: If you do not want people praying at Osceola County School Board meetings then you are what is wrong with this country! — Jackson Bachmann

True Christians: An atheist knows nothing about Christ or Christians. Jesus is not political. He does not favor one party over another. Was Trump a decent president, I think so. Was he God’s gift to us? God let Him win. Was he a Christian, he was a baby, Christian. Is Biden a Christian? I say no. Why, because he is doing what the Bible says is wrong to do. Sitting in a Catholic pew does not make a person a Christian. Pelosi proves that. — Ben Young