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Crankmail (December 2018)

We present to you, unedited and unfiltered, the latest correspondence from those who don’t appear to become FFRF members any time soon.

Cowards!: Just heard on the radio that you are “taking on” an elementary school for posting in the lunchroom “Give us this day our daily bread.” IF THIS IS INDEED TRUE, how cowardly and pathetic you all truly are! Taking on a grade school full of innocent children who seek our wonderful Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ…what cowards and despicable creatures you all truly are. — Philip Merhalski

Atheists: Heard that there are atheists in your group, right? People who deny God’s existence wonder how they were made like some ameba or paramecium or just a body making itself and giving itself life. Big bang? There’s going to be one soon! Shocking! Why is every planet in its perfect order in rotations? Why is every planet in the exact place for life to exist? Why is every planet round and not square or oval? Huh! Some of your atheists like Vivien Castillo denies her very existence and is a total retard with an IQ which must be below 40. What can one expect when they worship a pagan god like Muhammed the murderer of thousands. Why worship him when you don’t believe in God. Every atheist believes in God. They just don’t desire to do the will of God which is peace, love, mercy, forgiveness, the govt. of the eternal one. — Billy Thompson

Stop dividing us!: Please take your religious hate somewhere else. You are trying to divide this country and the residents of Honesdale, Pa want to be left alone. It is sickening what you people do to small towns across the United States. Are you funded by George Soros and Hillary Clinton? Why don’t you come to my house and try and take my cross down. You are nothing but liberal trash. — Michael Seaman

Christianity: Christianity IS freedom from religion!! Christianity is not a religion, it is a reality!! — Paul Lauricella

Read the constitution: Other than read the constitution you can’t! The constitution says “freedom of religion”, not freedom from religion! You may not think so, but you are as much involved in religion as the Staunchest Catholic, Baptist of Muslim. With little common sence you should realize that Atheism is as much a religion as any of these. — Richard Vought

Stop bullying!: No one likes a bully. I do not do well with bullies. Bullies never remain on their feet when they are around me. I will not be bullied by you. Stop it! — Don Vanderhoof

Repent now!: you out to be ashamed of yourselves- trying to take God, the Almighty one who formed you in your mother’s womb, out of everything. some day you will be reprimanded and will rot in hell. — Dave Ribort

You’re dumb: Obviously you have never actually read the U.S. Constitution or you would know that the “separation of church and state” was set up to protect the CHURCH from undue influence by the STATE!!! Not the other way around as you depict it. Maybe you are referring to another Constitution rather than the U.S. Constitution….because ours quite clearly states the purpose of “separation of Church and State”….not to mention that our Constitution was drafted using Christian Biblical principles as their guideline. Please crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of. — Jeff Bookout

Explain: All freedoms should be outlawed and banned should people who practice them should they go to jail as I believe in the literal interpretation of no religion ie if people practice religion in home they go to prison explain — Kelly Lee

You are Satanists: Regarding your attack on the character of Sheriff Billy Rowles of Newton County Texas, I am of the opinion that you are a bunch of Godless bastards that want to go around sticking their noses in other peoples’ business for the greater glory of Satan. I have known Billy for many, many years, and you cannot find a better man anywhere. I am nowhere as good as he is, so I tell you from my heart, go fuck yourselves and leave us the fuck alone, you atheistic assholes. God Bless You. — James Terrell Jr.

Stay away!: Your organization is a joke. STAY THE F*** OUT OF OUR BUSINESS IN CHEROKEE. — Tim Jones

It’s CHRISTmas: We don’t appreciate you targeting our small town in Dover, Ohio over our CHRISTmas displays! We have our freedom of speech and display. If you don’t like CHRISTmas, fine, don’t display anything! Keep your noses in Wisconsin and OUT of Ohio! — Jed Lombard

Read this: I come from Europe. I watched Atheists like you people destroy Christianity only to later submit to the actual societal oppression and proselytizing that Islam forces onto public life. — Rambo Baggins

You bigots!: You haven’t won shit….smh Common anti-religion bigots — Natasha Tomlinson

Losers: No body watched this retarded pathetic out cry about religion, any more. — Tshaaj Thomas

Fools: I love watching Atheists squirm when confronted with the truth reality science. That is why I love the Ark encounter… #atheists have a hard time explaining the reality in regards to geology. They can’t explain adequately coal formations and why there are corals and shells fossil layers below and above these Carboniferous layers… they deny the flood of Noah’s Day In spite of the massive amounts geological evidence that supports a global flood. I have to laugh when I hear the name called the ‘thinking Atheists’ which is obviously an oxymoron.  The fool says in his heart there is no God! — Kurt Sensabaugh