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Crankmail (December 2019)

Whew! What a month for Crankmail! FFRF pored over hundreds of hate-filled letters and emails this month, most of them in reference to FFRF’s Ron Reagan ad or FFRF’s complaint against the judge in the Amber Guyger case. Printed as received, expletives included.

Your ad in the Democratic debate: In your ad you stated that you weren’t afraid of burning in Hell. Well, just because your not afraid doesn’t mean that you will not burn in hell it just means that Satan has you so blinded to the fact that you as well as me has a sinful nature and God loves you more than you love yourself that he suffered, bled, and died to pay your sin debt to keep you from going to hell. That’s how much he loves you. I believe hell is down inside the earth and volcanoes are proof of it and one day it will burn up this whole earth while believers are with God in safety forever. AS SOON AS YOU DRAW YOUR LAST BREATH YOU WILL BE BURNING IN HELL ALIVE FOREVER, TOO LATE FOR YOU THEN. — Homer Bentley

rob reagan: Just so you know, because you have no testimony of Jesus Christ, you will not burn in HELL, you get to be with sex offenders, murders, serial killers, Hitler & all the scum of the earth. This is guaranteed, you have the right to express your opinion, that opinion follows you till you meet your creator, just like everyone else!!! — Kenneth Stout

Atheism does not exist-pride does: So sad to see that this exists. Mathematically, scientifically now points to a creator. Plus, approximately half of Bible prophecies have been fulfilled. Odds of this happening are astronomical and nearly impossible. Actually to truly be an atheist, you must know everything in the world to truly eliminate any possibility that there is a God. This is why the practice of atheism is mathematically and logically absurd. It actually cannot exist from a logical standpoint. It’s like joining a club that believes 2+2=5….very sad. — Paul James

Mr. Reagan’s ad: Mr. Reagan and other members of the FFR Organization. What if you are wrong and there is a Hell? Just in the outside chance there is a Hell, have you studied what it will be like? Just for fun, take the time to study what Scripture says about it. You don’t want to even take a chance that you will go there. Your ad is frightening, at the very least. — Jenny Johnson

Your fictional organization: Please stay off the air. Your recent ad during the Democratic debate was quite embarrassing for you. I agree with the right for you to express your opinion. But Reagen’s final commit, well, lets say I was embarrassed for him. Let me give you a short education. You do not have the right to freedom from religion. And separation of church and state is not in the constitution. It was the result of a Supreme Court case. — Robert Shomody

I’m confused: Confused. INDIA term ‘ rights and rituals & religious ideology won’t goal. USA church Sunday won’t reach goal. My problem is so basic it is hard to discredit. No Religion claim ownership. My daily breath on auto-pilo..I consider a Gift No religion, just a reality. I respect that gift emmencely! Not a religion. GIFT. — Richard Royal

Urgent Please Read!!!!: Now that i have your attention please and i speak for a number of people saying this please grow the fuck up you guys seriously filed a complaint because a judge gave guyger (the female who killed her neighbor) a bible….are yall people like 9 years old or something yall just pathetic with nothing else to do with your miserable ass lives and are now trying to make another person all kinds of stress and misery cause you guys are a bunch of uptight butthurt ass people i guess that saying “misery loves company” is true as fuck nowadays — David Turner

Pending litigation: The staff of this organization clearly has no firm grasp on the law, especially SCOTUS decisions about the right to pray, preach, proselyte, and other such activities by both elected officials, employees of the government and regular citizens. Either stop persecuting belivers in ways that violate their rights or this prophet of God (yes that would be me) will file suit against this organization which in the end would be devistating as the Lord God will bring about its ruin through said suit. Stop pursuing evrrything on your own and only take cases from those who complain and seek legal assistance on a valid claim. — Robert Tessen

You are whacko: I want to start a non profit called, freedom from Freedom from religion foundation maybe you can help me out. the problem is is that you guys are religion to because your claim is against God so you’re exactly hypocritical to the very thing you want to be free from or you claim to be selling freedom to.I know you guys aren’t that smart and I don’t expect you to be able to figure it out. — Roy Youngs

Fuck your Organization!!: First off, Fuck your damn group and second of all, I will make sure your Foundation gets shut down.. There are a lot more of us than you. I would like to file a complaint. You pussys are just buttburt because people call you out!! — T.J. Maddox

Your nonsense: I am sick and tired of you constantly stepping on others rights. You are constantly trying to takenreliguon from everyone. Just because you do not believe doesnt give you the right to try and destroy ours. You are nothing but a bully and you all should be ashamed of yourselves. This is my statement, no need for a reply, I wouldn’t give you the time of the then day. — Sherri Newlon

You: Stay the fuck out of my business you self righteous disgusting pathetic losers. How fucking pathetic are you to step in where you have no right and start shit. I dare anyone of you to come to my house and spew your fucking hatred. You will be praying for God to save you. I hope each and everyone of you fear for your and your family’s lives everyday for your disgusting activities. Fuck all of you and I hope to read about all of your worthless lives ending soon. — Tim Dunn