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Crankmail (Jan/Feb 2021)

Well, FFRF’s detractors certainly had a field day after FFRF persuaded a Kansas school district to discontinue fundraising for Franklin Graham’s proselytizing Christian organization. Here is a very small sampling of the mail we got. (Printed as received. . . including an abundance of foul verbiage.) 

Ffrf: By keeping your mother fucking mouths shut about kids getting toys fromBGEA.does it make you feel good to take toys from all are a bunch of bitches for doing that to that school.ill bet secretly you do pray to god. — Gordon L. Chambers

kids toys: What sort of sick fucks are you your hatred of religion has prompted you to send letters and take kids toys away? you seriously have to be some sick cock sucking mother fuckers. go fucking yourselves you fucking cunt whore pieces of shit. fucking dirty pieces of human shit — Robert Bailey

Kansas Christian: I will be donating $1000’s of dollars to to Liberty Middle School because of your harassment. Christians the world over do the most good for the poor and disenfranchised. Everyone knows it. — Cathy Goracke

assholes: go fuck yourselves ffrf,is it true all athiest women are sluts,if they would keep thier legs closed they wouldnt need to kill babies but then you dont believe in god so killing babies is ok.hopefully all athiest,liberals,progressives get covid and vanish from this planet,you people are a plague.liberal,athiest,progressives and dems are the biggest terrorist threats this country and constitution faces over all terrorist groups out there infact you fucking pigs are you think because damentia biden stole the election we are going to bow to fucking pig athiest,liberals and progressives go fuck your selves you pigs — Andy Konocki

xmas: you nasty cunts for stopping those kids from getting gilfs………i hope all you fuckers get shot … cunts — Wayne Beard

Kansas middle school: stick a crucifix up your ass until it comes out of the top of your skull — Mark Hittle

Evil Website: You are a evil place and should be removed from society. You will burn in hell for what you do to this great country. I hope and pray you lose every battle you try and do. My children will be taught there is a God which by the way there is a God so when you are on your death bed you will call out to God for sure. — Michael Wilson

Hey!: You really are a disgusting, piece of shit organization. You’re actions and fucking threats in Pratt, KS are reprehensible. Of course, we should all expect this from a fucked up state like Wisconsin and fucked up, Godless people like you are. ROT IN HELL — John Hoehn

Toys are bad: Did you karen motherfuckers really threaten a fucking school for collecting toys for less fortunate kids? Like are you fucking shitting me? what kind of absolute trashy fucking human shit are you? Hope y’all get run the fuck over & your families get covid. Scumy motherfuckers. — Janet Belfour

Fuck Off!: You can mind your own goddamn business is how you can assist me. Keep your nose and your bullshit out of Fannin county GA. If you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself. You goddamn liberal cunts!! — Geoff Parsons

Disgusting: Close your doors. After reading your page a bit and reading your website this is disgusting. You ARE the reason we have lost all morality in this world. You have a war on Christmas? Gtfo something that brings joy and happiness to so many you want to dismantle it? Im glad my parents hugged me enough to not hate someone with a different of opinion. — Patrick J. Henry