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Crankmail (Jan/Feb 2023)

Please enjoy this assortment of bad logic, poor grammar and unintelligible content from some of FFRF’s detractors. Printed as received.

God is here: Ron Regan, Satan wants you to believe Hell isn’t bad but could you imagine your worst nightmare to be your life forever. To have the worst thing you can imagine to happen to you over and over and over forever, that’s unimaginable. This country wouldn’t have been formed without God, I mean God is in every single document that made this country, he is in the anthem, he is even on all US currency. — Nathan McFarland

You need religion: Let’s see. Maybe not being a fascist wing of the leftists? Hhhmmm. Not sure your organization knows how to be inclusive of thoughts. Your professional attacks on small school prayer proves your intolerance. What’s your problem with God? Has your mantra of love is love is love found you to be pedophiles? What say you? What say the people void of moral standings? What say the heretics? — Karrie Hollis

My pronouns are Born again and child of God: I watched my father die this weekend. While your organization wants to prohibit prayer and any form of the recognizance that an Ultimate Creator exists. I watched my daddy pass into the heavenly regions your organization says doesn’t exist. You are the most laughable of an organization. Mind your own business and we’ll continue to mind ours. Keep your heretic noses out of other peoples’ business. We don’t put ours in yours. Be still demons, and know the Lord is in control. — Lou Piscotti

We are Christians: We want you and this organization to keep your SATANIC like beliefs out of our schools and out of the GREAT STATE OF ALABAMA where we are CHRISTIANS.Have fun burning in HELL — Jon Cammon 

Slavery: Hey listen a**** the Bible literally when it talks about slavery it’s talking about indentured servants who sell themselves into slavery for a time and then are set free when it comes to slavery when it comes to people against their will it outright condemns that. But again this a**** doesn’t actually study anything he’s just using manipulative tactics which I’ve seen my whole life he’s a f**** piece of s*** —  Timothy Bastton

Leave us alone: You can stop trying to force your satanic views on others. Yours is not some noble calling. It is not your destiny to save the world. You willingly allow yourselves to be used as puppets of evil, and despite your own delusional opinions to the contrary, you WILL stand before God one day, and your knees will bow and your tongues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Now is the day of salvation. You need to repent and believe before the day of wrath. —  Paul Martin 

Trust God: America Nationalism is not Religious. God gives us Free Will to think outside Dogma Religion’s. In God We Trust, not “In Religion We Trust.” God gives his faithful the gift of discernment. You can still have faith in God and be sceptical. It’s called Free Thinking. Naivety does not find you God. Free thinking does. Atheist Dogma Religion’s must deny God. Atheism is the biggest Religion, their church is Communist Socialism society. Hell is death. Heaven is afterlife. God is pro common sense. — Jeremy Tuppel

No heaven for you: Atheists are perfectly free to believe in nothing according to the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Have a nice life.  All atheists will be shocked at death. — Thomas Ziegler

He is the One: You poor things, nobody ever taught you how to correctly divide the word of God. How will you give thanks for water, heat and food among everything else? Or did you think people made these things? — Carlos Hernandez

HE is real: Just because you choose to not accept and acknowledge GOD/Jesus as Lord, Savior, and King doesn’t stop HIM from existing nor does it stop who HE is and the absolute power that HE has…you may boldly claim yourself as an atheist, but when your time ends the second you take your last breathe you will be in HIS presents bowing before HIM. You WILL bow and fully acknowledge HIM as the ONE and only GOD, LORD, and SAVIOR then hit Hell wide open to burn for eternity…I hope you come to Jesus before that happens. — Brent Mahoney

Praying you find Jesus: It’s not the eternal torment that I fear…it’s the eternal love my Savior Jesus Christ has for me and the personal relationship I have with my creator and King. If one doesn’t accept Jesus as Savior will spend eternity in Hell. That’s not my word that’s God’s word. Choosing to not acknowledge GOD’s existence doesn’t stop GOD or HIS absolute power from being real. —  Taylor Marshall

Devil is coming for you!: The antichrist spirit rearing it’s ugly head .People still trying to debate God and be there own God .judgement is coming .seek jesus while you can .Satan has blinded so many and he’s leading them right to hell.wake up people. — Nicole Valvano