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Crankmail (June/July 2020)

As we head into our coronavirus summer, here’s a few comments from the folks who got a little too riled up about FFRF. Printed as received.

Chronic complaints of Christians: Please leave Christians alone! You chose to be atheist! I am a Christian and had a near death experience! I don’t care what your beliefs are so please don’t constantly complain about what Christians do after all Judeo /Christians we’re here long before atheists. The miracle of birth says it all! — Tricia Longstreet

Unbelievable: You people are so ignorant! No one is without sin, and no one is truly good except God and Jesus. Yes, you people are extremely stupid. God created you ( your spirits ) and God can certainly destroy you. — Ron Stellman


Alabama: Leave my governor alone this is the bible belt you idiots we stand with our governor in our freedom of religion i tell you what come to my house so we can sit down and talk about the constitution come sunday at 12 and listen to the bells for the risen savior — Brandon Little

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE REALLY SAY ABOUT ABORTION: You are clearly misleading people with fales scriptures. I have researched you’re version of what the bible says and you are twisting it for your good. Unfortunately, most people aren’t smart enough to research for themselves and fall victim to your lies. You apparently have a platform, use it in a Godly way not in a demonic way with your lies. — Mel Holley

You guys suck: Why wait. Go directly to hell. Hate Hearing your shit — Mario Farber

Atheist LEMMINGS: An Asteroid did NOT Slam into EARTH, and a fucking FISH, TOOK off his helmet and started walking around on earth. Nor did that same FISH, poof turned into a DINOSAUR and eventually turned into a man. That is ABSOLUTE & Totally bs! Your an idiot, Crystal Clear…WALKING ASTRONAUT FISH DONT TURN INTO HUMANS. OR The one thing, you wont COMMIT.. A GOD, SOMETHING OR SOMEONE GREATER THAN OUR SELVES. OR IT MUST BE AN ASTRONAUT, FLYING SPACE CRAFT WITH LITTLE AMOEBAS WEARING HELMETS AND OXYGEN HOSES. LOOK NOTHING IS GOING TO CONVINCE YOU OR LEMMINGS LIKE YOU, TO a SATANIC Iron God. So, good luck smuck — Larry Shryock

No way: If I were a multi billionaire…..I would not give you one penny. — Mike Malkowski

Evolution: I felt compelled to respond to your claim to a teacher citing creationism that, “Evolution, like gravity, is a scientific fact. … No controversy exists in the scientific community regarding the fact of evolution, and the teaching of alternative theories or a controversy is not only inappropriate and dishonest, it is unconstitutional,” is the height of arrogance and ignorance. Evolution is not fact and is debatable “science”.

Evolutionists will never debate Creationists because they know they will loose. FYI there are many, many Creation Scientists all over the globe that have received their PhD’s from secular universities and have come to the opposite conclusions while looking into the same evidence. I suggest you stay away from such dogmatic statements in the future, as you look so utterly foolish. No need to respond as I only converse with those who use the mind that GOD gave them. 🙂 — Mark Becker

Gays promotion: Is the FFRF a gay institution? I have no problem with gays but ever since I clicked on FFRF thru Facebook I have hundreds of suggestions from gays. My problem with this is that other friends assume I must be gay. WHICH I AM NOT — Harry Terry

Your foundation: You’re commercial on TV is offense, mocking and WRONG! Not afraid of burning in Hell?? THAT’S EXACTLY WHERE ALL OF YOU WILL GO WHEN YOU DIE …FOREVER !!!!! You cannot compete , dismiss or challenge an Almighty God on the truth of Hell and Your Soul. You are so so so so stupid or as the Bible calls people like you A FOOL !!!  Roy Hensley

Pro-life!: God is so PRO-LIFE / take your article down, it’s lying and a fake, deceptive, and untrue article.. Do you guys realize, that tons of your articles are lies. But I ran across on the one, “GOD is so Pro abortion”. And I would love to talk to you, on how that entire article was full of lies, or twisted truth into deceptive matter. — Micah Keith

Lawsuit: I find you as well as your foundation offensive my attorney will be in contact… — Nathan Colson

Your day will come: I will say this and only say it as a favor to you pieces of shit. normal americans grow very weary of people like your organization stands for.  a day grows near when my countrymen may just decide enough is enough and that you and your ilk are a clear and present danger to the constitution and spirit of America. We are watching you and your leftist agenda and constantly evaluating you and your filth to determine if you have finally overstepped your yourselves to a degree which we canno t let pass. You will rue the day. — Ryan Renshaw