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Crankmail (June/July 2021)

It’s time to rev up this month’s engine of literary nonsense, hyperbole and general outlandishness that FFRF finds in its inbox. Printed as received.

$$$: What a piece of shit organization. It’s all about money…isn’t it? — Russell Mandor

Sickening: You goal in life is to kill religion in pubic. What a disgusting bunch of people you are. Take on a project to PROTECT our religion for our people, not take it away. ISIS will kill you because you don’t believe in Islam. Get your priorities straight. — Bud Everson

Scum!: You are the scum of the earth…nothing your organization does means a damn thing to intelligent people…you are disgusting but I’m sure you already know that…get a life or a job for CHRIST sakes!! — Bobby Jacoby

Help not hate: Keep your nose out of other people business. That is the problem with our society. Just because you do not like it you think it should be taken down the non profit organization you belong to will spend thousands of dollars. When there are people out of work and children need medical help you are wasting money on a sign. Tell me where any of that makes since. — Sallie Mathison

Losers: Christians can sue your organization for discriminating against the Christians. Christians has the same amount of freedom of speech like everyone else does. This means you lost this round. You media wanna-be atheist attention can’t win all the time. Makes it unfair! Enough is enough! Also I’m telling the media not to broadcast your protest on radio, tv and news paper worldwide. Make sure you tell your attorneys what I said. — Mike Templeton

Stop it: Why do go out of your way and everyones’ time with this silly crap you try to do?? If don’t like a billboard sign ….don’t fucking read it – ya shit bag – — John Billows

You’re a joke: Your entire organization is a joke and a waste of time. You attack Christian people like my old coach. The constitution says freedom of religion, meaning you can choose whatever you want or don’t want. It doesn’t say “from”. So preventing a coach or player from practicing his or her religion on or off school campus is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as well is attacking the people that do. You might want to read the constitution a few more times because your entire organization just got torn apart by a 19 year old that knows more than you do about the rights of citizens and the U.S. constitution. — Nolan Asuncion

Prayer: Why are you worried about prayer if you don’t believe in it. — Mark Pavarek

Bye bye: You guys are ignorant idiots. There is a hell and Satan has a spot reserved for everyone in FFRF. 🙂 — Geoff Reynolds

FFR: Never thought of looking at your website. Glad to see your pictures. Now I know what pieces of shit look like! — Dan Johnson

Jesus is King!: I thought I’d inform you that just about when you get every cross removed and every nativity taken down and every 10 Commandments taken down … Jesus will return and rule from Jerusalem and there not be a single thing that any of you can do to stop Him. And, that’s a promise … from the holy Bible scriptures! 

All the other prophecies have come true so it stands to logical thought that all the prophecies that have not come true yet will. Not believing in God does not make God not exist. I’ve been in His presence. — Jean Babcock

Prove it: Considering that none of you can PROVE there is no “God” and that it is nearly universal that ALL human groups tend to adopt the concept of a “higher” being, you folks have NOT SCIENTIFIC BASIS for your position — in fact your argument is more of a religion than any intellectual process! But you guys are just a bunch of FAKES who have not true logical basis for what you claim to be “TRUTH” and “FACT”. In face, your speech is no more fact based than that of the religions you attack. — David Bachmann

Google search: Looking for information this morning I came across your site. What a disgrace! You take absolutely everything out of context to make your points. I was literally shocked. Then I looked at the author and it made more sense. If you actually want freedom from religion you could at least be honest about what you’re trying to free yourself from. As far as I can see you’re simply trying to be free of your own lies. Take a look at the truth, actually read the book, then free yourself from that. — Karen Eastman