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Crankmail (March 2019)

Welcome to another monthly installment of Crankmail, where we provide a forum for those who are critical of FFRF (but perhaps not so critical of English usage or spelling). Letters are printed as received.

God is real: this country was Based on the bible we had prayers in schools and moral standards were so much higher. you are degrading America with your actions. you think the Bible is incorrect and etc. you probably believe humans were formed over the time of millions of years. all by accident. and that the universe was formed accidentally? there is a God, the creator. one Day you will stand before him. — Daniil Moroz

Useless: What a worthless organization.  Can’t you just be your atheist selves and leave everyone else alone?   The things you people hate – “forcing religion on you” is exactly what your advocating. Everyone realizes that YOU are in the minority in this world as far as your values. So thus we are laughing our asses off at you.  Pathetic.

Christians just worship on their own.  They don’t force their beliefs on anyone. But u use lawsuits and other tactics.  — Dan Reida

Hell for you: Hope u enjoy burning in hell.hope ucan handle a godlessworld. Losers.get a life — Brandy Morris

You’re punks: You think you’re hot shit, do you? Do you feel terrible about yourselves yet? If not, you should. The good men of the Amberley Police and Fire Department don’t deserve to put up with aitheist PUNKS like you when they’re doing GOD’s work and spreading His light.

Prepare for death: Who do you think you are?! One day He will smite all of you radical Islamic aitheist evildoers right where you stand and you will all DIE a horrible death just like you DESERVE. — Benjamin Silverman

Let’s vote on the cross!: You all can go fuck your selves. Everyone has a right to religion, if you don’t like it then move. There is more people in the world in favor of the cross.

Instead of pushing your fucking weight around, why don’t you have a city wide vote on of the cross is to be removed or not. Once again you all can go fuck your selves. Don’t try to message back it’s a fake email. — Aaron Craver

Haters: I just want to know why you hate Christians? Can you explain and feel free to call me anytime after 1 EST Monday thru Friday to discuss. — Brad Shultz

Stay out of Tennessee: Keep your opinion in Socialist Liberal Wisconsin. We in Tennessee worship our Lord God and want Him to bless our new governor. Your ridiculous comments fails to recognize “separation of. Hutch and state” doesn’t appear in the American Constitution. You people are disgusting. — David Crocker

You’re contradicting youselves: Darwinian macroevolution is just a theory, and a weak one at that with zero actual physical evidence of it ever actually happening (if you really examine it, it’s not reasonable at all). Atheism is a belief system, or as some call it, the religion of naturalism. It’s a “belief” about our world. So, if you will work to keep one set of beliefs out of a school, why not the other belief system, since they both require an element of faith as neither can be explicitly “proved”. Can you explain this contradiction of mission? — Jenna Shepherd

You are part of the problem: I just wanted to take a moment and say look at the world and the news of today. It is you and your organization that has created a world of intolerance and ignorance. Way to go, you have succeeded in turning our world into a cesspool. — Stephen White

News: You took up a part of my local news this evening because you filed to have a cross removed from public property. This upsets me because I had to spend time having your belief shoved at me and those are minutes I will never get back…wasted. — Steve Knox

Keep the cross!: Shame on you for taking side of a single, anonimous person, and ignoring the wish of the vast majority of the city in regards with the lighted cross. If it was a lighted muslim crescent, you wouldnt give a dime! You are fighting hard against the Christian religion: is this because you feel it is something worth fighting against? How stupid! It is like cutting the branch beneath you feet. — Ovidiu Hajdatan

First amendment: Brownstown In has had a nativity scene on the front lawn for years and now it takes one person to have it removed! What ever happened to the majority rules? The first amendment is to protect us as well. — Sandra Bobb

Get out of our state: It is my prayer that your organization folds like a cheap lawn chair. Until then mind your own business and stay the hell out of Indiana or you’ll look like a protester at a Trump rally…enormously outnumbered and not welcome. — Robert Eaker