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Crankmail (March 2021)

Here is the March installment of Crankmail, your one-stop shop for religiously inspired vitriol. Printed as received.

Macon county: We do not want you in Macon County. If you do not like the “Free Thinking” (as you are all about) that we have here then drive on to another town where your closed minded, alienating, atheistic ways may be appreciated. — Misha Biltmore

boise state/byu prayer: I am writing to express my utter disgust at your request to eliminate the chaplain position at Boise State. You are no friend to the values on which this great nation is based and ought to be ashamed. Shame shame shame on you. — Kevin Pulsipher

Salvation: I peruse your Facebook page occasionally, to see what you’ve attacked this week. What I find laughable is the comments, the expressions from those that shall face the Almighty God, have convinced themselves IF they don’t believe it, it won’t happen. They say it’s ‘we believers who are weak minded’. That’s funny. Oh, your good for a laugh, so, Thank you. It’s sad too, to read the names of people who shall perish and be separated from God. You have no idea what your fighting so hard to achieve. You shall, just not until you’re no longer breathing. It’s your choice, spreading your sickness, hindering others and deceiving them that there is no God, will be on each and every one of you. Repentance is good, Salvation is glory, it’s truly good for the soul. — Leslie Friedel

Constitutional rights and violations: idaho is a very religious state! You are in violation of every individual on the boise state football team that believes in God. It is the constitutional right for them to have freedom of religion and that means on the football field as well. I am sorry you don’t believe in God, but you will when Jesus comes back! You all will. But it will be way to late for you at that point. I will pray for you! I am also contacting the ACLJ to take up the tyranny of atheism to push there beliefs on all people and violating everyone’s constitutional rights. — Scott Moore

Media: Hello You are still a bunch of ass-holes, fuck u — Joden Donithe

Toys for Holidays: What the hell do the jews want?!?!? Always meddling in everything from being Ultra Othordox to hating religion always going after Chiristians as if murdernig the son of God wasn’t enough. Jews are both the most out spoken Communists and Capitalists. Can’t you fuckers just shut your pie holes and leave people alone for once?!?!?!? — Hillary Spencer

Threatening Schools: Stop your propaganda of going after religious scenarios in schools. The students in school have freedom from religious discrimination and you are discriminating. Shame on you for threatening a school that is collecting kids items for the poor. Do something else with your time that will help the poor and hungry in our nation. In God we trust also belongs on our money. This nation was started on Christian principles so get over yourselves. — Marilyn Solamito

Aborting fetus: You are completely wrong! And you are not God! Only God gives life and only he should take it away! Wrong to abort babies at any stage! As is suicide! — Josh Sam

Content: Just wanted you all to know you are a bunch of retards. When you die, you will burn in hell. Just because you have no lives of your own, you should swim out in the ocean and just keep swimming — Craig Eisman