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Crankmail (March 2023)

A possible Crankmail writer?

Here is your March installment of Crankmail, the not-so-friendly mail we get at FFRF. Printed as received. 

Wrong: You need to understand the writings of our fore-fathers. It is NOT Freedom FROM religion it is freedom OF religion. Why are you changing a word in the amendment to change the meaning OF the amendment? I can’t believe you are actually use this wording in your tv add. You and I both know you are wrong and giving false information. Stop and think about what you are putting out there! Believe or don’t believe, that is your right But don’t be so desperate to try and change the wording of an amendment that was written 100’s of years ago. It is insulting. Your Coined phrase on your home page says it all. It makes your add look foolish. — Karla Brenckman

You lie!: Please REFUTE, delete, or correct your article as it is an outright LIE. The United States of America is in fact, a CHRISTIAN Nation. Do your homework and at least look at it’s founding documents. — Mike Couture

No mandate: You clowns are idiots as I am a combat veteran dying because of the military vaccines given to me which were experimental just like this civic vaccine that contained biological agents inside of them. I now suffer from skin cancer with the VA malpractice on me each time I go because I know why I am sick so they are out making me look bad. Co president Annie Laurie Taylor said this would of been unconstitutional had court let them go unprotected! — Josh Howell

Heathens: I assume you don’t celebrate any form of Christmas….. no presents or parties or taking any days off from work for Christmas considering it wouldn’t exist if Christians didn’t start it with the celebration of Christ’s birthday. If you are an atheist you should not benefit from anything that has started due to Christianity or Islam either. I assume you don’t follow Any laws related to the Ten Commandments? This country’s rights say….. founded by our creator so you don’t take benefit from any laws here either rights? — Seth Marsten

Dumbasses: Just seen your commercial on TV. Funniest thing I have seen in a while, our founding fathers founded the nation on freedom of religion which means the government does not have a religion citizens are required to follow or be a member of. Quite a different thing than freedom from religion as you people are trying to sell. It shows how dumb you are and sadly how ignorant the people of this country has become. We are in a sad time in this country and you are selling lies there is no God. Quite Pathetic. Your commercial said you are not afraid to burn in hell, it is a good thing. — Jerry Uptain

FFR: Fuck off with your religious bullshit you fucking cunts. — Terrance Englert

Why do you do it?: Many of us fully understand that the motive for your actions is the resolution of the United States and turning our free nation enslaved by Marxist globalism. Maybe I should care that your a atheist but frankly I don’t give rats ass. It does bother me that your an org of self focused god hating intolerant people who are more interested in disrupting . Pathetic. Have a swell day. — Steven Van Brown

Sin: Why are you guys so wacked out? You don’t understand the implications of sin and the destruction it brings. It’s something you cannot see. Or that you really don’t pay attention to. But just because you don’t notice it, because you cannot simply know every man and woman on earth and their hearts or motivations, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Sin brings destruction to mankind. Pay attention to the evil in today’s society. Murder, thievery, immoral acts being considered normal. The bar with liberal society is set extremely low. People have no shame. Thats why we are to follow God’s word. There’s nothing wrong with it for it preserves our souls and our mental well being. It prevents us from suffering inside. Many people are suffering inside. Are angry. Because of sin. To fully understand you have to believe and have faith. You cannot understand without genuine belief and faith. — Dave Thomas

God is real: Your articale speaking to abortion and the Bible is wrong. The verse you quoted is out of context. God breathed life into ADAM. This is not when life begins for us today. If baby’s in the womb are not alive, how do they move, kick, etc.? — Mike Daniel

Petty sign: I saw your banner in Balboa Park in San Diego. I find it interesting that your home page says, “Love Conquers Religion” while you go to Balboa Park and intentionally stick your finger into the eyes of people who want to celebrate Christmas. You don’t have the slightest clue what love is. People who truly have love in their hearts would not do this. Your banner reads that “God does not exist.” Your banner is not meant to persuade people. It is intended to mock people who believe in God? No one is forcing religion upon you. You have concocted a boogeyman. You’re a bunch of insecure children who are desperate to be relevant. You’re smug, unhappy people who have declared yourselves morally & intellectually superior to make up for your self-inflicted shortcomings. Your banner is neither moral nor intellectual. It is petty. — Chris Edwards