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Crankmail (May 2021)

It’s time for this month’s installment of Crank Mail, where we shed a little light on those non-members who have contacted FFRF with their own words of “wisdom.” Printed as received.

Islam: Why is it that all I see here is freedom from christianity? Why aren’t you trying to reign in Muslims as well? They want Sharia law in the US. But your real mission is to slam Christianity not religion isn’t it? Stop putting stickers on the Gideon’s Bibles you lowlifes. — Shawn Davis 

your site: keep your fucking pie hole shut, who the fuck are you snowflakes to tell me how to practice my religion — William Schieber 

Heartache: I was looking for a Sunday morning online sermon and Ronald Reagan’s son came on instead. No love or joy will be found there! What a heartbreak. What a hideous organization~ or you do not understand anything from our beloved Founding Fathers, many of whom are my relatives, my forefathers. They prayed that we would take their faith forward. And for this I just shake my head and will continue to at every remembrance of this man for certain he is an abomination. We ARE a Christian nation. May the great Ronald Reagan’s son discover what TRUE discipleship means. He clearly doesn’t understand who Christ is nor what a relationship with God can mean and we are not meant to govern separate from it I assure you of that. You do not come across as happy at all. — Sabra Bruning

Prayer in schools: Just a response to your pathetic organisation that is trying to ban prayer in school . Yes you barred me off your miserable little Facebook page because you couldn’t take the truth well here I am your organisation will never destroy Christianity because you are to weak to even try , yes you are getting spiritual help from Satan himself , but the Lord Jesus as already bruised satans filthy head with His heel — Stephen McCarroll

Thoughts: I thought I’d inform you that just about when you get every cross removed and every nativity taken down and every 10 Commandments taken down … Jesus will return and rule from Jerusalem and there not be a single thing that any of you can do to stop Him. People always cause war, stavation, and misery for one another and … not until Jesus returns and separates the wheat from the chaff will we ever ever ever have world peace and a good life for all. And, that’s a promise … from the holy Bible scriptures! All the other prophecies have come true so it stands to logical thought that all the prophecies that have not come true yet will. Not believing in God does not make God not exist. I’ve been in His presence. — Jean Hampleman

You should be ashamed: I have learned a great deal more about what it means to be a christian after going into depth with a global community bible study, and when i see this type of advertising against christianity I get a much better understanding of why our country and world is in the failing condition it’s in. I will pray for your ignorance and may God have mercy on you. If you could actually take the time and effort to study the bibile your eyes would be opened. SHAME ON YOU — Mike Belghey

Y’all should just mind your own business: Please leave people that want ti pray alone y’all just give it a rest yiur pokimg your nose inti things thats best left alone if people want ti pray let them it dont matter where they are or when just let them do it im a nonpracticing jew and if i should chosse ti pray i will and dint care where i am at. — Ed Silverman

Your self-righteous BS: Considering that none of you can PROVE there is no “God” and that it is nearly universal that ALL human groups tend to adopt the concept of a “higher” being, you folks have NOT SCIENTIFIC BASIS for your position — in fact your argument is more of a religion than any intellectual process! But you guys are just a bunch of FAKES who have not true logical basis for what you claim to be “TRUTH” and “FACT”. In face, your speech is no more fact based than that of the religions you attack. — David Gillis

FFR: Your group is just as disgusting, hateful, loathsome and repulsive as the liberals who have ruined the Dumocrat Party. You are also as low as they are and that is so low they can’t even pipe sunlight to you.  Wally Moses