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Crankmail (May 2022)

In this edition of Crankmail, the letters are all on the topic of the Elizabethton, Tenn., crosses that are on public property. FFRF has asked the city to take them down or move them to private property. Printed as received. 

Love Me: You can go to a different country with your communist garbage. America was founded on a Christian foundation. Don’t like it? Leave. — Jeremy Brown 

God: You people are ridiculous stay out of Elizabethton and keep your business in Wisconsin you bunch of worthless people. This is Gods people you’re messing with. You really don’t wanna start trouble because God will win in the end. — Ionne Stockton

Crosses: If your against crosses then maybe you should rename yourself to “ the anti-Christ foundation “. P.s. eat crap you liberal scum. — Jeffrey Tescher

Going to hell!: Why don’t stupid foundations like yours just leave things alone. If whoever complained about the crosses don’t like seeing them, they can turn their heads. Nobody is forcing them to look at them.. It’s organizations like freedom from religions that causing America to go to HELL.. — Thurston Webb 

Elizabethton: Your organization is demanding the removal of crosses in Elizabethton, TN, stating that they are on city property. I say if you don’t like the crosses, then don’t look at them. They may be on city property, but the citizens pay taxes, and our taxes are part of the city. — Dora Kinzer 

Godless: NON of you are from my town? I assume some who live here helped you want the CROSSES taken down here? I pay taxes here, I have right to the lands use? You also protect the rights of HOMOSEXUALS, TRENSGENDERS, right? Educated as it seems the Liberal schools tell you, I dont think you’ve really read the BIBLE, maybe the Quran, Historical fact help the idea of a GOD, you know this! BUT, as all GODLESS Socialists/Communists/ Liberals and Liberal Schools want is a ONE WORLD ORDER as YOU see it. Again a 6,000 year old book talks exactly as it is happening. — Wesley Asher 

Go away, liberals: My wife and I moved here from Vermont, and one of the reasons was that people here hold Christian beliefs and are respectful, kind, and law abiding Americans. I don’t even go to church, but they have every right to have those crosses on that hill. So why don’t you mind you own fucking business you liberal ass holes. — Steve Allen 

Crosses: You all may not believe in GOD but here we do those crosses have been there for almost 80 years. So dont come down here in our town and try to remove our rights and beliefs you have my address if you brave enough to step on my property. GOD BLESS — Michael Graybeal 

Your ‘foundation’: This saddens my heart. I don’t know what this foundation is and nor do I ever hope to. The “foundation” sounds like something I like to refer to as a spoon, meaning that all business is your business rather it really is or not, and like to stir up trouble. Why can’t the “foundation” stay the hell out of everyone else’s business that the “foundation” has NO business being in. Frankly, I don’t care about your cause or beliefs. — Nikki Trivette 

Crosses will stay!: Close your fucking eyes if u do not want to see the crosses in tennessee. — Charles Albert 

Idiots: your group has no right to tell people who live here in the great state of TN or try and push your non-believing attitudes on us. he people who wear those stupid cheese hats during sporting events affends me mind your own business can’t you find something more important to worry about — Carl Williams 

Losers: I personally hope that horrible horrible things happen to your organization, your employees, and their families. Your organization is like a missionary force for the church of moral modern douchbaggery. Again, I just hope that karma plays out an actual plague or meteorites for you and your fellow zealots. — Francis Stermer

Your sick in the head: Stop your insane behavior. Our country was founded by God. — Betsy Roberts

No more atheists!: Our COUNTRY was freaking FOUNDED on RELIGION! Or do you not grasp the concept?! So in essence you are spitting on President Washington’s grave! You disgusting people are the scourge of this country that needs to be eradicated! — April Mohler  

Lets go Brandon: Your dad was a pos and so are you, your right you can practice any religion or not. Why flaunt your evil on TV? To destroy the country further?? — Kevin Wurster 

Atheism is evil: You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You are monsters. — John Smith 

Godless Communism/Atheism: You belong in prison for life for your affront to God the Father. — John Kyles 

Freedom from religion: Hello I just wanted to drop you a line staying you are a bunch of Godless freaks You feel brave together…but what about after work .? What about when you are not strong in a group….well according to my sources, none of you are safe anymore.. keep and eye out… because you are being watched.— Andrew Williams