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Crankmail (Nov. 2019)

Join us as we tread into the sullied waters of FFRF’s collective inbox. Printed as received. Note: Some language not suitable for children (or adults, for that matter).

Banned?: You have banned me from posting on your facebook page. Our governor will NEVER bend to your illegal demands about praying. You are violating the second amendment of free speech. Shame on you. You will hear from me again. You will NEVER succeed in removing our Loving Creator from this world. Give up, it won’t happen. — Janine Holder

South Carolina Atttack: I AM OFFENDED AT YOUR ATTACK ON SOUTH CAROLINA AND OUR GOVERNOR! Leave us alone – we are not bothering you. By the way, the Freedom is “of Religion” not “from Religion”. Anyone who doesn’t like our prayers is free to ignore them. Amendment 1 says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. Gov. McMaster wasn’t making a law, he was having a prayer. Get over it! — Elaine Huttenstine

Imagine: Imagine would a beautiful place it would be without ASSHOLES like yourselves

Imagine would a beautiful place it would be without ASSHOLES like yourselves. — Rob Burke

Bible: You can go shove your head in a toilet full of diarrhea . Next you can go chew the genital warts off of your grandmas vagina lips . Finally clip some jumper cables to your moms nipples. May God bless you and yours . AMEN ! — Joe Mcgee

You aethists are too much: Just read a bit on a news website that you’re protesting a student led prayer group at a football game….Well, you godless sinners can moan and groan all you want. GOD will WIN. Although I’m a religious person, I never force my views on anyone. It’s a FREE country–get that? FREE, meaning religious activities CAN be in courts, government, schools, etc. YOU have the free right to NOT ACCEPT what’s offered. I know you hell bound worthless bags of human waste don’t believe in GOD. Fine, don’t believe in Him. But ONE DAY you will… whether you like it or not, YOU WILL. Then it will be too late and GOD will be LAUGHING AT you. Proverbs 1:26 says ‘I will LAUGH at your calamity.’ — Andy England

Demons: By burning in hell! Your well on your way — Shelly Story

Freedom FOR religious beliefs: I support my conditional RIGHT to support God Almighty abelivers!!!! — Elizabeth Brown

Awfull: Everything you stand for is absolutely horrid. I cannot believe the things I am reading that are taken out of context in such extreme cases that I am sickened. The Bible verses you reference and attempt to explain are all taken out of context and used to support your own agenda. Your foundation makes me sick. — Andy Hostetler

Evil: I just want you to know your doing Satans week and Hell will burn a little hotter in the spots your in Doesnt matter That doesnt matter evil  Jeff Mercer

ATTENTION FFRF: I’m contacting you today to urge you to Stop harassing Christians! You are nothing more than a corrupt bully organization! GOD is watching you! Your days are numbered. You’re end will come at a time when you least expect It and there will be NO escape. You need to repent. Ask GOD to forgive you. Live Righteous, clean, sober and walk upright. Time is running out. — Lisa Jenkins

Business: Your foundation spits on the constitution and the rights of millions of Americans. You can’t force people to live their lives a certain way. This isn’t slavery. — Walter Blount

Cedar Hill: Your organization is PURE EVIL- satan backed. This town is a very Christian town and we will not let you put “your mark” on it. You want a fight- BRING IT ON. YOU WILL LOSE. May GOD have mercy on you. As a Christian- I will be praying for anyone group or persons who are against Christianity. — Lisa Fisher

Violated: I’m writing to inform you that your organization has violated thousands of students, parents and faculty’s religious rights as you attempted to step in and tell our children what they can and cannot do before a football game, here in Opelika, Alabama. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT WHATSOEVER! Take your demonic ways and keep them in Wisconsin please. If you’re truly that pissed off with the world, please just end yourself. You are what’s wrong with this world today! Why is that so hard to see? I guess when you’re blinded by the devil and everything he stands for it’s easy to forget you at one point had a soul — Jim Schultz