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Crankmail (November 2020)

Here is your monthly installment of correspondence to FFRF that may be a bit light on reason and heavy on religion (or bad grammar or bad spelling or profanity. Printed as received.

God will save you: Turn back to God and turn from your wicked ways. Because eternal lives matter You’ve been deceived by wolves in sheep‘s clothing. You either serve God or you serve the pits of hell there’s no middle ground and he is coming soon. 31 prophecies fulfilled in the last nine months. we Are here from Adam & Eve that is a scientific fact. It’s a scientific fact as is the flood! God didn’t write the 10 suggestions.Sin is sin — Mark Plaveroll

Freedom From Religion: I think your ‘group’ have overlooked something very important. This country was founded on freedom from religion, fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Our framers understood the importance of religion in daily life. So you want relain erased from the face of America? If you think people are unruly now just keep pushing for a no accountability to God. Every nation in history feel when they took God out of the equation. Check it out. It’s not rocket science. You will stand up before God an account for your indifference and even hostility to Godly principles. “Every knee will bow and every younger confess that he is God….” that means “every” no exception. But at that time it will be too late to undue the damage to both your own soul and those you influenced that you will be accountable for. — Judy Mende

FFRF: Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you — Jeffrey Balzek

Hate Speech: A “freethought” show this morning was hateful. CW channel aired hate speech at Christians. I request you give equal hateful shows to other religions, in all fairness. I pray Jesus (who died to save your soul, person reading this) forgive your sins and bring you into his loving embrace, now and forever. — Karen Hoiland

Ron Reagan: You Godless fool-hell is hotter than you can imagine. Grow up dude.You are more of a disgrace than your father. I served 4 the US Army from 1983-1987. Your dad was a pussy with no brain-like you. — Kevin Lowry

Can a man kick a stone and not injure himself? The Lord God sees all you are doing in standing against Him. You have made an alliance with Lucifer, his fallen angels and demons to stand against the will of God, but you will not succeed. But the Lord God is merciful. So repent, believe in Jesus Christ and be saved! The Lord does not see as the enemy, the real enemies are those spirits, and fallen angels that are deceiving you think that you can actually win the fight you have picked. I rebukes all such demons and fallen angels in the name of the Lord Jesus! I rebuke satan there father that has deceived you and many in the name of Jesus Christ! I pray your eyes and ears will open so you can see and hear what the Spirit of God is doing and is saying respectively! — Robert Joseph 

Eternity: Mr.Atheist, you have or had Christian loved ones in your family, and very close friends that you really love or loved in life, and they loved you back. So the fact is, every soul on this earth has an appointment in eternity, and there is absolutely no way out of it, and here’s what I’m asking you to do. When your time comes to step into eternity with your science, philosophy, and your opinions, I’m asking you to call those loved ones and friends out by name, to see if they answer you back because in life you both loved one another, “they know your voice”.  If they don’t answer you, then you should know that you made a mistake in life, that will never get fixed. You allowed the door of eternity to close shut between you and your loved ones and friends. — Tyrone Barry

Repent Now: Sick of athiests who are so afraid of my God, they have to attack people with faith. I am sorry you are threatened by the truth. The Bible. — Amyann Jannelle

Your idiocy: Y’all are misguided. No where in The Constitution does it call for separation of church and state. The spirit of the first amendment is not violated by a politician posting Bible verses. We know this because of the obviously Christian prayers offered up by the first congress (same guys who wrote the first amendment). Given that your “foundation” is built on lies (freedom OF religion, not FROM) it’s no surprise you have no problem propagating them. Remember – the FOOL says in their heart there is no God. Not the wise person, not the scholar, the fool. You want to practice your secular religion – that’s fine. But you have no right to limit or inhibit anyone from practicing theirs. — Marcus Ashford

True Freedom: You say you support freedom by insisting religious associations be removed from the public. That’s your freedom. Mine would be to include religious (Christian) associations with all things public. By strong arming your worldviews on ALL, you infringe upon my freedoms! What makes your worldview more valid than mine? I am willing to wager that you haven’t a valid answer. You hypocrites! You make me sick; however, I forgive your short shortsightedness and hypocrisy. — Philip Berry