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Crankmail (November 2021)

Here is your November installment of Crankmail, the correspondence received from non-members who aren’t likely to become members. Printed as received. 

Praying: Take your nose and stick it in someone else’s business and leave Grundy out of it. Citizens here are allowed to pray or not to pray as they see fit. Please show me in the Constitution where it says a school board cannot pray before a meeting. The church of England is the reason for this because England required citizens to belong and support the church. This is one of the reason they left England. — Kevin Stallard

Your orginazation: Want to be of real help?? Shove your organization and website down the toilet! — Craig Smythen 

You are setting the tone for slots in hell: You are damning folks to Hell. Why would you put a billboard up for lack of religion? God is real, and it is a Choi, but why in the world would you want some person to suffer hell? — Lorrie Redman  

Your add sucks: take your commercials off! you are a devil! I can’t wait until you are in hell and I am in heaven!! enjoy! — Rebecca Roberts 

Bilboard: Shame on you for putting such a billboard in a Christian centered community near Nashville,TN. One day you will meet the Lord Jesus Christ and have to answer for your actions. True believers will NEVER sleep in on Sunday Mornings; whilst lovers of Satan will not need to be encouraged. The other guy loves no one except himself. Be careful serving him, you will be disappointed. — Russ Manger

Free from God: It people like you guys and organizations like yours is what is causing the chaos in our country! Back when our country was first founded you people would’ve been burnt at the stake for being witches! Now, I’m not saying that I want anything bad too happen to you, I’m just wanting you to open your eyess to what is happening around you! If there was no God, then how did people before us get the knowledge of right and wrong? How did we obtain the knowledge of good and evil? How did we obtain the knowledge of free will? With knowing any of the questions that I asked, we would have an empty space in our head! Educate yourselves, and repent before our Lord and Savior returns to earth! — Kimberly Campbell 

God is eternal: Atheists should consider that  A L L  matter (light, energy, gravity, & all living organisms) has a “Source”, a point of “origin”!  Obviously, the “Source / Origin” is God!  Especially, when science proves that there is “intelligence” incorporated within these!  Therefore, common logic,  S H O U L D  tell us that since we clearly see “intelligence” incorporated  A L L  throughout creation, “intelligent design” must require a “Intelligent Designer”! Respectfully, Atheists need to understand that God is eternal, without beginning or end (Psalm 90:2).  NO-body or NO-thing “created” Him.  God did not “created” Himself either, …He always existed!  Mormonism & other cults teach a progression of gods, one god creating another & so-on.  This still leaves the problem of “who” created the first (1st) god??  There is only one  E T E R N A L  Creator, not two, not three, not a 1000!  …ONE!  Faith in the eternal Creator only makes sense when we embrace that God is:  eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, & omnibenevolent.  He is unique, one-of-a-kind. – Life begets life – Non-life does NOT beget life. — James T. Ruskin

FFR: you need to mind your own business. Your not even from our town. Stick your nose in hell…a warrior for God — Sally Tisdale

Phonies: Atheists are the biggest phonies on the planet. They spend all of their time and energy trying to convince themselves and others that they don’t believe in God. If they really didn’t believe in God they would be able to shut up about him and quietly go on their merry atheist way. — Mike VanderBosch

Persecution: Pissing in your mouth while you are burning in hell dying of thirst You can stop persecuting Christians all around the world get a life — Steve Curtiss

Religion: You all are idiots!! You are the people who are gonna be left on earth to burn after the rapture. What do you have faith in?? — Pierce McGregor