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Crankmail (Oct. 2021)

Welcome to this issue’s Crankmail, where we post correspondence received (via snail mail, email or social media) from those who seem to take issue with FFRF’s cause. Printed as received.

Ridiculous: Just read in the local newspaper in Canton Ohio that thanks to you a prayer will no longer be said before the local board meetings. Don’t give me state-religion separation, the Constitution doesn’t and never has mandated that. The person who summoned you from our area won’t even give her name, that takes a lot of courage to stand up for some cock-amaney belief. I would hope when your judgement day comes, the Man upstairs remembers this and you are held accountable. — Robert Feller

The Bible is true: There are no contradictions in the bible, these fools are like many in a church who read the bible and think there are contradictions as well. 1st retarded argument about 8 0r 18, in Hebrew the difference is a tick mark, and he is talking about a translated document to English from 2 different books. I went to court a few years ago and there were mistakes in the police report that would never have been fixed if someone didnt go to court- and that was 5 years ago not 5000. I laugh when she say Liberals are more Rational, roglmao. — Stella Murtaugh

Go away!: Once again you’re are butting your nose into places it does not belong. Stay out of Texas, we do not want you here. You need to stay up there where you are and tend to your own business. So shut the hell up, we do not care about your Freedom from Religion Foundation. You people are freaks. If you don’t believe in God, then why does a cross bother you so much??? Don’t mess w/Texas, we DO NOT WANT YOU HERE and we don’t care about your cause. — Sue Overbeek 

Silly: I find it hard to believe that you can’t find something else to do rather than stir up trouble about a cross in the city park. Just because your foundation doesn’t believe in Christianity doesn’t mean you can impose your disbelief on us. It just makes your foundation look very silly. — Kay Horvath

COWARDS: Thank you so much for posting pictures of your board. I’m going to use them to teach my kids what a coward looks like. — Peter Wolcott

Learn the constitution: Your entire organization is a joke and a waste of time. You attack Christian people like my old coach. The constitution says freedom of religion, meaning you can choose whatever you want or don’t want. It doesn’t say “from”. So preventing a coach or player from practicing his or her religion on or off school campus is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, as well is attacking the people that do. No one has the right to take away my rights or the rights of the tea chers and coaches. You might want to read the constitution a few more times because your entire organization just got torn apart by a 19 year old that knows more than you do about the rights of citizens and the U.S. constitution. — Nolan Ploth

Discrimination: Christians can sue your organization for discriminating against the Christians. Christians has the same amount of freedom of speech like everyone else does. This means you lost this round. You media wanna-be atheist attention can’t win all the time. Makes it unfair! Enough is enough! Also I’m telling the media not to broadcast your protest on radio, tv and news paper worldwide. Make sure you tell your attorneys what I said. — Mike Robinson

Yuck!: You are the scum of the earth…nothing your organization does means a damn thing to intelligent people…you are disgusting but I’m sure you already know that…get a life or a job for CHRIST sakes!! — Bobby Unger

Stay away from us: you need to mind your own business. Your not even from our town. Stick your nose in hell…a warrior for God — Sally Pantages