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Crankmail (October 2018)

Here’s our October installment of some of the wonderful (read: nasty) mail we get from some non-members. Presented to you as received, unedited. (Note: Harsh language below!)

Harassment!: Why does your organization choose to harass people of religion? If the people of WV want to say the Lords Prayer why not ? Is someone from Wisconsin there to offend? Not likely its just a left wing bunch of nuts harassing religous people! You have your freedoms and so do the religious people leve them alone. I will pray for you and your membership. — David Montgomery

Prayer for all: Y’all are some horrible people trying to shut down prayer at a council meeting in Parkersburg West Virginia. Its not your or anybody’s place to tell people that they can’t pray. Didn’t you know its not okay to try and shut that down. Those people aren’t hurting you. You people are horrible people for this. And you look stupid. — Stephanie Starkey

IN GOD WE TRUST: I’m from Alabama and I for one am GLAD that ‘In God We Trust’ is now being allowed in schools and in public places. God is the foundation for EVERYTHING and YOU and your organization will not stop it. God’s WILL will be done regardless of what anybody does. I can’t speak for the rest of the states, but here in Alabama, we are gonna teach our children about God, creation, Jesus, IN OUR SCHOOLS. — Andy England

Leave us alone!: You can start by enjoying your freedom and leaving the rest of us alone! Fuck you cocksuckers if you don’t like a cross,.. leave those who do alone or you’re gonna have a shitload of problems and they won’t be legal,.. I’ve been listening to the guys who are about to take you fuckers out and I hope they do! — George Statton

Sickos: You are the main reason this country has gone to hell. By your actions this country now has no morals, no respect, no conscious and no ethics. By your actions this country is a cesspool of crime. You are the ones who should keep out of things that you have no business sticking you nose into. It is individuals like you who have ruined this country by your actions. It just makes me sick to know what kind of damage you have done in this country. — Connie McCollum


Fuck off: if we want to pray with the coach the stfu its our right and people like you need to leave us the fuck alone. DONT FUCKING WORRY ABOUT IT FUCK YOOUR SELF — Bradley Musthane

Get out!: Leave my country! I call it mine because I served it, lost brothers, defending our rights. We didn’t serve so you atheists could try to divide our country. Religion is an individual right! Your terrorist organization decided on your own to infringe my right to practice my choice of religion! Your entire organization will be judged one day, I look forward to hearing the repentance of your soiled members attempts to justify your anti-human organizations hate toward everyone that doesn’t follow your twisted, hate filled messages. Leave the USA! — Rodney James

FFRF: How about leaving people alone .. if you dont want to believe in god fine.. but how does other people praying hurt you. If you dint want to hear, leave. You are no better than Hitler , if it isnt your way then you shall ban freedoms. Man high school has a right to pray for a good game for theirselves and their team. I dont mind people believing in what they want. Aheck my boyfriend is atheist and I love him more than life. ya know why because he loves and lets everyone worship ehoever the heck they want and doesnt let it effect him. That is a truly great person rather than religious nazi’s liie the lot of you. — Jessica Jefferson

WTF?: Who the fuck is FFRF and why does your teaser mischaracterize this exchange? I find nothing alarming either, nothing the judge did or said the whole week even began to approach alarm or controversy or bias or surprise. What the fuck were you watching FFRF? I smell liberal stink ass mother fucker, tainted bs as in Feinstein, Booker, Kamala, and Durbin to name one pack of lying dogs. You, you’re up in the peanut gallery lying, with the other nuts and liberal bomb throwers. Did you post the wrong video, did you headline it incorrectly, or are you simply a lying pos liberal hack lemming? Retitle it loser, was it you that turwned over the high school confidential to Feinstein, whether you did or didn’t you’re no better than the trash contained in the letter. It does not pay to be a sack of shit liar, wherever life takes you, everyone will know what  an under the balls infected sore you are.  Billy Bromberg

Disgusting!: I am very disappointed and disgusted by your discrimination against Christians. Just read a post stating that you all contacted a high school complaining about a banner that some cheerleaders made with scripture on it. So proud of these girls for standing up for the truth! By the way, Abraham Lincoln, the very President to initiate the abolition to slavery, expressed his beliefs about God in many speeches to the public. Therefore, this contradicts your crazy philosophy that most moral reform has come from “freethinkers” who are “free” from religion. The most moral reform has come from Christians who put God where he should be, FIRST! Just look at the Protestant reformation for example. These men where not “freethinkers” but we’re instead some of the most intelligent men who followed the Word of God. Also the word “freethinkers” doesn’t truly exist because there is nothing new under the sun. May the Lord have mercy upon your soul! God is very powerful and almighty and He, in the end, will prevail.  Brittnee Shepherd