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Crankmail (Sept. 2022)

Crankmail, where we publish some of the correspondence FFRF receives from those who don’t quite see eye-to-eye with our mission. Printed as received.   

How are you even legal? According to the first amendment atheism is a religion, which ironically means you’re ironically breaking the very law you assume you’re upholding. — David Brook 

Religion: Dear Sirs: You have no religion. You have no faith. You have no rules. You have no guidelines. And you have no guidance. You do not believe in God. You even believe you are smarter than God. The United States of America was based on religious freedom by people who were suppressed from following their religious beliefs. Not to be suppressed by heathens. Religion and evolution are not in conflict in any way shape or form. Only by shortsighted, fallible human beings. I will pray anywhere and anytime I wish. And neither you or your organization will stop me. Quit shoving your agenda down our throats. Your ads should be illegal. — Dave Hafner

Freedom: Why don’t you just let Christians alone? We don’t oppose others living out their ideas in public, so why are you so upset that we kneel, cross ourselves, or even silently pray? As a teacher, I could not wear a cross (however small) but my students could wear profane shirts. I don’t take Pride in gays, but I turn the other cheek when they march. Please let us live our lives in peace and all get along. — Loretta Bedford 

Your goals: Constitutionally, it’s freedom of religion, not from religion, you hateful fucking scumbag! They should airlift you and drop you in the middle of a hostile Muslim nation — John R. Roberts 

Abortion: So you’re saying that a fetus is not a baby which is human being being developed you people are wicked evil people science has proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt — Arthur Watkins 

jesus christ: Im not into religion im a lover of jesus christ an our creater.  .i was a none beliver until i felt the creater power. An jesus sprit.  .these are puppets from the devil . too lead you away from god. God is  real .heavon is real so is Hell .think when your flesh die .your sprit what gives you life will be judge .please dont follow this fools .pray too highest power who created life in all of the unvierse .there is a god TRUST.. — Donnell Smith 

Hell: Look up the accounts of folks on their death beds regretting their choice to join Satan and his wickedness.  If you have ever experienced darkness imagine that for eternity, not to mention the fact that your in flames for all eternity with not a drop of water ever your permanently there no one will pray you out of there you have sealed your fate.  If you have low tolerance of pain hell is not the place for you. — Debbie Guinn 

He exists!: Just because you choose to not accept and acknowledge GOD/Jesus as Lord, Savior, and King doesn’t stop HIM from existing nor does it stop who HE is and the absolute power that HE has…you may boldly claim yourself as an atheist, but when your time ends the second you take your last breathe you will be in HIS presents bowing before HIM. You WILL bow and fully acknowledge HIM as the ONE and only GOD, LORD, and SAVIOR then hit Hell wide open to burn for eternity… — Brent Mobeley

Your opinion: “freedom from religion” is by definition a specifically religious ideaology entirely focused on spreading a specific religious opinion of spiritual matters, with emphasis on proselytizing converts for gaining political influence as a religion-focused organization (all things filtering through spiritual belief system as first & foremost determining factor of all decisions ever made). This foolishness, is a waste of time. On top of dumb front, it’s a shame such lies are hid behind by ppl too weak & dishonest to admit they are obvious whole-hearted satanists. I predict this will be censored, not that I care. — Ron McMurtry 

Liars: That’s pretty offensive maybe the fact that you even got a television show called ask an atheist is offensive as hell to all of the humanities intelligence please stop f**** with mine a very top and bottom from reality no reality is everything in existence has a full knowledge of God existence as the Creator and know that he is so even if you claim to not believe in God you’re lying to us and yourself who you trying to convince me or you that God is not real because anybody that got a belief system of their own and they’re going to stick to it till the very end it’s not going to sit and have a debate and have a simple ass TV show called I asked an atheist cuz we know where your mind is at the middle of nowhere and any dimension and we ain’t going to ask you a m********** thing — Veronica Poullard

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