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Crankmail (September 2020)

Here is this month’s collection of contemptible correspondence collated for your consumption. Printed as received.

Cross on mural: Unless you live in my town, we will put crosses where we want. Do not ever tell our community what to place in a public place. Freedom from religion is your choice but your rights end where mine begin. — Barb Seversen

I have a question: why did you X some of the Ten Commandments is it because you broke some of the rules or is it because your life is so bad that you had to do that because I know the one thing I had asked God Jesus and the Holy Spirit for forgiveness and when I did I started to believe even more that I’m not selfish I don’t love money I don’t let money control me so my heart turn to kindness love caring so now that we love God Jesus and the Holy Spirit even more now they would never let any harm come to me and my husband because for one thing we really truly love God not out of fake oh an what we are saying is not a lie it’s the truth because nobody should never ever BLAME/HATE!! God Jesus and and the Holy Spirit. Or somebody doing something that they did on their own — Petra Vesperson

Freedom: Why must the intolerant left continuously push their agenda on the rest of us. We are a country based on Judeo Christian values and beliefs, there is much evidence of it thruout our history and it should be respected. Shame on you for imposing your views on what the majority of Americans believe, cherish and respect! — Rick Robinson

Thank you: This organization needs to close! Our foundation as a country is based on Christ and the recognition that we are all under GOD! I pray that you change your ways and he forgives you all from the terror that you breed. God have mercy for your souls. You’re the problem not the solution ! — Scot Nesom

APPALLED APPALLED APPALLED: North America was founded on Godliness. Check American coins “In God We Trust”. Ron Reagan is DISGUSTINGLY BOLD. My heart aches for blinded people like him. PLEASE don’t engage me in conflicting conversation. If Ron is ‘happy to burn in hell’, I won’t stand in his way. Very disappointed that your deplorable organization would would tie up airwaves that could be used for good. — Dick Janzen

You are what is wrong with America: We are praying for your salvation. But even as Atheists, how can you spread such hate across America. Have courage to be decent and don’t hide behind your weak arguments. You should be shut down as a domestic terrortist organization. I pray for peace in your empty souls. How sad and weak you must feel every day. Your ignorance and hate is well hidden by your arrogance. — Daniel McNeill

us constitution: Separation of Church and State is NOT in the US Constitution, you should actually take a moment to read it for once!. Americans are sick and tired of your organization destroying America. Which of the Ten Commandments is offensive? Nothing in them is destructive. We are not afraid of you and we will NOT give in to your organization, at all costs! Any court agreeing with you is declared incompetent and we will NOT comply with their rulings. The Bible is FACT, not an opinion. Evolution is fiction, get over it. Do what is right and disband your organization, you are NOT welcome in the USA, your organization is a cancer on humanity and should be removed. — Michael Henton

Constitution: Your organization is a shame and is disrespectful to the constitution – except for your beliefs. Never have i been so disgusted with people attacking religions for no reason. Atheism religion should be attacked also, and you are destroying hope in majority of people. You are a greedy, unjust organization and should be defended. Your organization is a manipulation of words to use to your advantage to encourage hate, and hopelessness in anything. You should be ashamed of yourselves but I am sure that you have no feelings. You are on the same level as a serial killer. You have made a mockery of the seperation of church and state and turned us into a hopeless country. , Horrible — Kathleen Hoffman

Ignorance: It’s okay, your limited minds will one day come to grasp the reality around you. You simply haven’t discovered that aspect of our existence yet. In the meantime, you might want to curtail your Nazi-like marches on the truth others have discovered, that you yourself have not. You might not look as foolish when you realize said Truth. Ironically, God will forgive your ignorance even though you refuse to forgive the “ignorance” of those who know the truth. — Juan de Santos