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Crankmail (September 2021)

Here is the month’s assortment of letters and correspondence from the lesser side of humanity. Printed as received.

Losers: You are a bunch of atheist who get offended by religious people is absolutely hysterical. It sounds like you are all nothing but a bunch of lawyers trying to find ways to sue people and make money. As the saying goes.., the only good lawyer is a dead lawyer! Now stop bothering people you fucking assholes! When the time does come you will get what is coming to you! — John Barrington

Y’all should just mind your own business: Please leave people that want ti pray alone y’all just give it a rest yiur pokimg your nose inti things thats best left alone if people want ti pray let them it dont matter where they are or when just let them do it im a nonpracticing jew and if i should chosse ti pray i will and dint care where i am at. — Ed Cohen III

God is real: Dear atheist every single one of you know that God does exist. The truth of that is in your dna. It is still their so you will have zero excuses when you stand before God. God is not sending you to hell. YOU YES YOU are choosing to go to hell. God is just giving what you want. Their is so much evidence of Gods Existence that you choose to ignore. More then just enough evidence will be made available that even you will know you are guilty. Come to your senses because you do know that GOD does exist. — Charles Deneveau

Get out: You may assist me–rather the RESPECTABLE citizens of this country–by leaving it. Our forefathers came here, not to get away from religion, but to have the right to practice whatever RELIGION they believed in. Atheism is NOT a religion. You do have the right not to believe in God but you do NOT have the right to try to change the foundation of this country. If you don’t like that religion is practiced here then GET THE FUCK OUT. I find it amusing that the only program that will air your ridiculous diatribe is that disgustingly liberal CBS Sunday Morning, which I was forced to watch by a dear, but ignorant, friend (ignorant to how unbelievably stupid the liberal left is & how they, like you, are a danger to our country). I wish you this–you get a terminal case of the drizzling shits & live forever with it, with only coarse sandpaper with which to wipe your sorry ass. — Monica Bloedorn

Atheist: You atheist is so out of control. I have friends that is atheist and their pissed off at the ones that gets offended all the time or has a problem with something. Or wait mainly wants media attention. I told every local and national tv network including radio network to not broadcast your lawsuit against the school. I will also tell the judge to throw out the lawsuit and do not allow any appeals for your side. Atheist can’t win all the time. — Mike Dunbar

Stop Harassing Christians: You guys are pathetic! Stop harassing judges and Christians over their beliefs. You are fighting a losing battle! How does it feel knowing that you pathetic scum are losing? You idiots enjoy killing babies? Well, your judgement will come and I hope you ALL burn in the pits of HELL for eternity! —  Daniel Davidson 

It’s too late: I need to know your official views on the death shot Covid Vaccine which is not a vaccine.  Also your views on extraterrestrial life, kundalini energy, reincarnation, telepathy.  Moses was under the influence of ETs and displayed alien tech in his “miracles.”. 

Also, anyone who has studied it knows astrology works.  It is mathematics and physics and frequency and resonance. The USA is being swiftly taken over by Communists.. Every goddamn ad on TV promotes race mixing and marriage.  Ads for death dealing drugs are rife on TV.  White men are portrayed as dumb and weak  oafs. 

The USA has only a few months left to survive and in any case it will never go back to what it was. Stand to the line or be food for buzzards. — Kent Meyer

Your fate: Do you realize the founders could end up with the same fate as Madalyn Murray O’Hair? God is not mocked, what a man sows he shall reap! Google who she is and her fate. You’ll be surprised. — Connie Garvey

your nosy nose: Mind your damn business & your own state’s business & keep your fat nosy nose out of the Great State of Texas. You are now trying to bother UMC here in Lubbock, Tx. about a message they have on the UMC building & saying people who worked there complained about it & if that happened, it was probably some idiot who moved from Wisconsin to Lubbock & they just couldn’t accept what they were seeing. If you don’t believe in God, then why does it bother you so much. This country was founded on Christianity & you can’t convince me otherwise. Y’all are phony as the day is long, just shut up & mind your damn business! We don’t care what YOU think!! Laughing at your ignorance. — Sue Lankford 

We don’t care!: Hate to break it to y’all but we literally do not care what y’all think of us in our little podunk town. Nobody is pressured into anything here I can assure you that, but at the same time…. How can you earn respect if you don’t show it? This little town is built off that. It’s hard to understand our lives in this little town, if you’ve never lived it. To say they were forced is over exaggerated… to say they was pressured is over exaggerated. — Kevin Keen

Sad: U know this is not the country I grow up and lived in it’s a sad day when people turn their backs on praying in schools or anything else that has God in it . It’s a sad day the people who want prayer at games bibles in school has rights to . U should be ashamed of yourselfs I’m not saying I’m sorry for believing in god he’s my savior . What’s going on here . Is wrong I’ll pray for these people have mercy on their souls kids at this game prayed they did it bc that’s what they wanted to do — Bill Newman