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FFRF displays Chicago, Madison Darwin billboards

FFRF’s pro-science billboard remained up throughout February in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Chicago chapter unveiled a secular advertising campaign promoting science and pandemic safety in the Windy City in February.

The artwork features a striking image of Charles Darwin wearing FFRF’s “In Science I Trust” face mask next to the message: “In Science We Trust. Please Stay Safe.” It combines FFRF’s pro-science thrust with a celebration of Darwin Day (Feb. 12 was the birth anniversary of the scientific giant).

The 14-by-48-foot display was located on Lincoln Avenue near Foster Avenue in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood and remained up through the end of February.

FFRF warmly thanks its FFRF Metropolitan Chicago Chapter Executive Director Tom Cara.

“This new billboard is timely in two ways,” comments Cara. “First, to encourage everyone to help keep us all safe by trusting in science, not superstition, and to mask up! Second, to give science the respect it deserves by honoring the birthday of Charles Darwin. During this critical time in our history, it is very important we recognize the outstanding contributions of those in the science and medical fields.”

A similar billboard saying “Masks on. Sleeves up,” was placed on University Avenue in Madison, Wis., through   February.