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FFRF donates to One Law For All

Nearly 3,000 people marched in Brussels, Belgium, on Oct. 1, 2022, for Mahsa Amini and the hundreds of other victims murdered by Islamic Republic of Iran. (Image by Shutterstock)

FFRF donated $5,000 to One Law for All in support of solidarity protests in London organized by Maryam Namazie. As a result, One Law for All has been able to buy drums and equipment for a new Woman, Life, Freedom Group as well as a PA system, banners, and other materials for regular and ongoing protests.

The Woman, Life, Freedom Group, which was established in October, aims to mobilize solidarity for the women’s revolution in Iran through song, drumming, art, theatre and dance. The current revolutionary uprising, led by women and girls, has been sparked by the murder of Mahsa Jina Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish woman, killed by the Islamic regime of Iran’s morality police for ‘improper veiling.’ Since her murder, hundreds of protesters have been killed, tens of thousands arrested and several already executed in sham trials. Many more are at risk of execution.

The Woman, Life, Freedom Group provides cultural spaces for the public to join in as a way of raising awareness, showing solidarity and mobilizing support. Music and art have always been important aspects of protest and resistance.

In 2023, more protests are under way to ensure that the world doesn’t forget the women’s revolution in Iran and continues to support it. International support, including by FFRF members, will be key in maintaining pressure on western governments to stop all relations with the Islamic regime of Iran, expel its ambassadors and shut down its embassies and interest sections. 

Like the racial apartheid regime of South Africa, the sex apartheid regime of Iran must be politically isolated so that the people of Iran can finally be rid of this medieval theocracy and look forward to a free Iran imprinted with Woman, Life, Freedom.