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FFRF’s Jayne testifies against anti-trans bills

FFRF Attorney Ryan Jayne speaks to the Wisconsin state Senate on May 26.

FFRF Attorney Ryan Jayne testified May 26 in front of two Wisconsin legislative committees in opposition to Assembly Bill 196 and Senate Bill 323, which would prohibit trans girls from playing in female sports.

Jayne submitted written testimony to Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt and Sen. André Jacque, chairmen of the committees, in advance of the meetings. If passed, the companion bills would force schools to segregate all athletic events based on “sex assigned to an individual at birth by a physician.” Jayne argues that this is the wrong body to address these concerns, with the wrong rule, and for the wrong reasons.

Jayne wrote:

“Let’s be honest about this bill’s motivation. After trying to pass trans bathroom bans around the country, anti-trans legislators have not suddenly discovered a love for women’s sports. It wasn’t about bathrooms then, and it’s not about women’s sports now. Trans athlete bans, in Wisconsin as in so many other states this year, are about demonizing trans kids, sending a clear message that they are outsiders in order to score some cheap political points.”

This bigotry, and nearly all organized opposition to rights for LGBTQ individuals, is rooted in religion’s interpretations of biblical gender stereotypes and immorality, rather than science and humanity. Trans children must not continue to be scapegoats for the tyranny of this religious dogma.

FFRF is always pleased to share its expertise with legislative bodies and represent its membership at important hearings such as these.