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Freethought books (Dec. 2022)

The following books are by FFRF members on the topics of religion or freethinking. FFRF does not do book reviews. These books are not offered through

The Submit Act

By R. Allan Worrell

Lisa is drugged, raped and arrested along with her father on the Detroit River when trying to cross over into Canada for a legal abortion after Roe was overturned. Will Lisa spend the next 20 years in a Michigan prison?

Paperback $12.95

Kindle: $9.95

In This Beginning

By Thomas Duerst

After a history lesson, the book explores how modern scientists determine the composition, distance, size, and motion of planets, stars and galaxies. Then, the author dives into string theory, multidimensions and the multiverse. Finally, he presents possible scenarios for the demise of the human race and this universe.

Paperback $14.95.

Kindle: $6

The Wandering Atheist and Other Stories

By Robin Buckallew

Find out what happens when the United States votes to officially become a Christian nation. Follow along with Lepidus and Derek as they attempt to bring Enlightenment and humanist values to a world that doesn’t want them. Find out what happens when a mother faces a challenge to custody of her child simply because she doesn’t believe in God.

Paperback $12

Finite Human, Infinite Humanity

By Richard Brown

This book connects the dots between the findings of physics, chemistry, archaeology, Egyptology, psychology, sociology, history and geography and comes to some disturbing conclusions about humans and religion, about men and women, about our past and our future. This book is down to earth converting technical jargon into simple terms that everyone can understand.

Paperback $10