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Freethought Today caption contest winner!

Congratulations to Jack Sale for winning FFRF’s caption contest from the June/July issue. For his winning entry, he receives an FFRF T-shirt.

The winning caption is: Nailed it!

Top runners-up include: They spelled “scars” wrong. — Rob Twohy.

Jesus scares us, this I know, for the bible tells us so. — Robert Hubbard-Van Stell.

We’re not sure where this image originated from, but it was too good to pass up.

This photo really needs no caption. — Joan Reisman-Brill.

A pastor while swigging vermouth, flubbed the words on a cross — how uncouth!

But it must have been fate, that he couldn’t see straight, for what he spelled out was the truth. — Catherine MacLeod.

Thanks to all who participated. If you’ve taken any photos that you think would be good for a caption contest, please email them to