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Good to see in Tennessee

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FFRF’s East Tennessee Chapter hosted a rally to celebrate the National Day of Reason on May 6 in downtown Knoxville, Tenn., at the Krutch Park Extension. Members of the chapter were joined by other local freethinkers, including members of the Rationalists of East Tennessee and the Atheist Society of Knoxville, according to Aleta Ledendecker, president of FFRF’s East Tennessee Chapter.

Ledendecker writes: “By far the most popular sign among participants and passers-by stated: ‘Atheists — The friendliest neighbors you didn’t know you had.’ Several people among the public expressed gratitude for finding the local chapter of FFRF as they were either new to the area and looking for fellow freethinkers or planning on moving to the area and happy to discover there was a vibrant secular community. Of course, there were some religious folks who offered to pray for rally participants. But that was nothing to worry about since reason ruled the day.”