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In memoriam: Gloria Trunk, 91, was Air Force wife, accountant

Gloria Trunk

FFRF Lifetime Member Gloria Trunk, 91, died Oct. 18 after a long battle with life. She was born June 8, 1931.

As a young girl in England, she experienced the horrors of WWII firsthand as she sheltered in terror from the Nazi bombs and V-2 rockets that rained down on London. Oxford educated and well-traveled, Gloria served the United States with sacrifice, honor and dignity for over 20 years as an Air Force wife. Her life has spanned running outside to look at the airplane with no propellors to living in the middle of the space race at Cape Canaveral in the 1960s to riding on the Concorde.

After her husband’s retirement from the USAF in 1975, they were divorced, and Gloria moved from Denver to Portland, Ore., where she began a second career as an accountant. Gloria enjoyed playing tennis and was an enthusiastic birdwatcher and gardener. She retired in 1995 and is survived by her son, FFRF Lifetime Member Steve, and grandson, Derek.