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Join us on FFRF’s Ask An Atheist

Each week on Facebook, FFRF hosts a live show were FFRF staff members and guests talk about timely topics ranging from atheism to the separation of state and church. You can join us each Wednesday at noon Central time on Facebook Live.

To watch previous episodes, you can go to FFRF’s YouTube channel:

So far, FFRF has produced more than 150 episodes, with such topics as:

• Why doesn’t FFRF go after Islam?

• Is religion a license to discriminate?

• Are science and religion incompatible?

• What is secular parenting?

• Do atheist have morals?

• Do Americans have a shared reality anymore?

If you’d like to ask a question to be discussed on the show, you may post on FFRF’s Facebook page or by email at

FFRF’s Ask an Atheist