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Overheard (June/July 2020)

It was during a hearing on a bill that’s being pushed across the country to mandate “In God We Trust” displays in our public schools. Instead of talking about religious pluralism and separation of church and state, several Education Committee members decided to display their ignorance and hold a trial for evolution.

The bill in question may seem small, but it’s part of a nationwide effort to reshape our nation’s history while opening the door for things like anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

Joseph Couch, who is running for a Nebraska state Senate seat, under the “Why Am I Running?” section of his website.

“Broadly and generically, I am not a regular church-attender. I have evolved into less a Roman Catholic religion person to someone who tries to keep a degree of spirituality about them. I look upon myself as a humanist. I have faith in the goodness of mankind.” Is that still accurate?

By “Q&A” interviewer Brian Lamb, repeating what Dr. Anthony Fauci had said previously regarding his religious leanings. Fauci responded, “Totally accurate today.” 

C-SPAN, 5-4-20

On the one hand, churches argue that the free exercise clause of the First Amendment entitles them to special exemptions from stay-at-home orders. On the other hand, they also assert that churches can and must be treated just like nonreligious organizations when it comes to taxpayer funding.

Nelson Tebbe, Micah Schwartzman and Richard Schragger in the article, “Churches have been hypocritical during the pandemic.”

Washington Post, 5-13-20